Commentary On The Theses Of Roosh V’s Article “What Is Neomasculinity”?


Several days ago, Roosh V published a detailed article on the core principles of neomasculinity.  This is a very important piece of writing, and deserves wide circulation and commentary.

Its twenty theses codify what are, or should be, the basic set of values with which men must intimately acquaint themselves, if they hope to make sense of their place in modern Western societies.

These twenty theses are not just invocations to short-term gain or physical self-improvement.  They are something much more profound.

They represent a fundamentally new way of looking at the relationship between today’s man and the disapproving society in which he finds himself.  They are a distillation of how we see the world.  They are a blueprint for the new conception of man which is currently taking shape.

My purpose here is to offer additional commentary on the text of the article, and describe what its principles have meant to me.

Game.  It is obvious to any situationally-aware man in the West that his relations with women are fraught with contradiction.  Society lectures him, constrains him, berates him, and tells him to act in one way.  The media fills his head with gibberish and nonsense about how he should behave in his relations with the opposite sex.  And yet, if he does everything he is told to do, he quickly realizes that he is marginalized, rejected, and passed over in favor of a very different set of behaviors.

He has been lied to by his society from the moment he becomes sentient.  The purpose of “game” advice is simply to bring the modern man’s behavior in favorable alignment with the hostile environment in which he finds himself.  It is survival advice, purely and simply.  Military pilots receive training in escape and evasion when shot down in hostile territory; so the modern man needs to understand the “real world” rules of the dating and mating game.


With no training in this discipline (and it is a discipline), modern man would become a sexually-starved evolutionary dead-end, condemned to death as surely as an untrained, downed pilot would be in enemy territory.  Game involves not only learning new habits, but–perhaps more importantly–it involves unlearning old habits drummed into our heads for decades by the Western media.

Traditional Sex Roles, The Nature Of Women, Patriarchy, And Sexual Marketplace Value.  Neomasculine ideas on gender roles and female psychology are rooted in historical precedents as we see them.  The modern, degenerate concept of femininity seeks to overturn the cultural legacy of thousands of years with a few strokes of the legislator’s pen.  The modern mass media has done severe damage to the gender roles that have served the human race for millenia; and it is only by re-examining the true nature of those roles that we can hope to recover our balance.

The proper guidance is found by looking backward, not forward.  We can only reclaim our future if we reconnect with our past.  In this sense, neomasculinity can be seen as a male renaissance.

Seen in this way, neomasculinity is a corrective movement.  It courageously confronts the Goliath of lies and distortions that have been foisted on generations of men in the West, and hurls a stone in the gargantua’s face.

Men and women ought not to be the same; men and women ought not to be equal in all things.  There is a divine polarity in the relations between the sexes.  There is this gulf that separates us.  It has always been there.  And it will always remain there.  They can meet on some points, but not all.

There will always be this membrane separating us.  There will always be this unseen, but nevertheless real, barrier.  And it is right that this should be so.

The modern feminist, social justice warrior, metrosexual lapdog, or politically-correct stooge wishes to repress and destroy the beautiful polarity between the sexes, because they themselves cannot recognize beauty.  Tone-deaf to the music of true harmony between the sexes, they care nothing if the symphony of love is drowned out in a chorus of bestial shouting.


Self-Improvement.  In previous eras, there existed institutions that cultivated and supported masculine ideals.  A belief system cannot exist without external institutions to nurture it.  There were religious institutions, military orders, trade guilds, male societies, and fraternal orders of all types.  Step by step, the cooperating forces of consumerism, feminism, atheism, and affiliated social corruptions were able to undermine these institutions.  A few solitary voices were raised in protest, but nothing could stem the tide.

Worse still, the leaders who had the sacred job of protecting these legacies sat by in silence and did nothing.  They sought to enrich themselves and their families at the expense of future generations.  Their cowardice–which continues today–is the single most potent enabling factor that permits the current state of affairs to continue.

Betrayed by this government and by his institutions, the modern man must look inward, not outward.  He must have faith in himself.  He must cultivate himself.  He must be stronger now then any generation of man has ever been, because the challenges he is facing are that much more extreme.  Self-improvement in all areas (mental, physical, career advancement, etc.) has now become self-survival.  It is no longer optional.  It is mandatory.

Free Speech And Due Process.  Related to these matters is the current state of “free speech” and “due process” in the West, as far as the dissenting voices of men are concerned.  Everywhere we look, we see that the scope of free speech and due process are being constrained.  Debate, the modern man has discovered, is allowed to take place within a very defined set of parameters; and he who exceeds these boundaries quickly discovers just how “free” things will be for him.

We cannot expect a fair hearing from the forces of the mainstream media.  These forces exist to perpetuate the system that has marginalized and denigrated us.  We must make our own mark, and we will do it.  Already, the foundation for a new system of thinking has been put into place.  New conceptions on the role of man in Western society are germinating, and will continue to grow and bear fruit.

We seek to ennoble and elevate man; they seek to neuter and destroy him.  We structure our lives around beauty and virtue; they celebrate immorality, degeneracy, and degradation.

Male Virtue And Development.  I have written extensively on this subject, and believe it is of central importance.  Here again, a program of “virtue development” is more necessary now than in previous eras.  Why?  Because the institutions and societal supports that formerly passed on such wisdom have been dismantled.  Men have been left to fend for themselves, to face the scowling faces of disapproval from the media and the government.

We, in this generation, have to try to rebuild the social ruins that have been passed down to us by our fathers.  The way forward is:

1.  Emulating the wisdom and virtue of history’s great men.  A diligent study of the morals and virtues of past ages will provide guidance on how to improve ourselves and exert some control over our environments.

2.  Rejecting the degeneracy and rot that the media wishes to foist on us.

3.  Treating our fellow man with respect and fraternal affection.

4.  Avoiding the poisoners of our body (i.e., bad food, drink, and lifestyle habits), that might lower our natural testosterone, or otherwise impair our health.

Technological Skepticism.  We have been forced to ask ourselves whether we really are better off with all the myriad gadgets that have been rammed down our throats by the consumer society.  We have improved our means, but not our purposes.  And until we change ourselves inwardly, any change in technological efficiency will merely be a new way of achieving old ends.


Technology now must be evaluated with a critical eye which asks:  how will this improve my progress to being a better man?  Is this new gadget a distraction, or is it a positive step in my spiritual advancement?

It is the fondest hope of the modern consumer culture to trap men into a permanent cycle of buying and discarding useless gadgets that do nothing to improve his strength, virtue, or leadership qualities.  Neomasculinity places its faith on the force of character, personality, and leadership, and not on the conveniences of the latest electronic distraction.

Spirituality.  Neomasculinity wisely recognizes the role that religion and moral codes play in society.  The preceding two generations contemptuously thumbed their noses at religion, resenting its dictates as unwelcome commands.  Their arrogance and stupidity set the stage for the erosion of traditional gender roles, the growth of an enervating moral relativism, and the confusion of “liberty” with license.

The results of this revolt against religion in the West has been predictable.  Everything became permissible; and every man believed himself fit to sit in judgment on the inherited wisdom of thousands of years of history.  An essential tool for the guidance and discipline of the young was tossed away in one or two generations.

The modern man is starved for true spiritual content, and inwardly feels that he is lacking this substance.  We have triggered a resurgence in interest in the classical sources of spirituality:  Stoicism, Platonism, Buddhism, and the traditional religions have found receptive audiences with us.  We have revived these subjects.  And we will continue to do so.

Neomasculinity believes that spiritual values have served as a net benefit to society down through the centuries.  While certainly guilty of some abuses (like any institution created by man), organized religion has also done a tremendous amount of good.  Man has always been a spiritual animal, and without the support of an organized faith, societies have tended to decline.  History has demonstrated that a culture and its religion rise and fall together.



History has shown that a society which breaks too sharply–and too quickly–with its past undergoes a collective mental breakdown, in the same way that a man who suddenly is afflicted with amnesia risks going insane.

Western societies, eager to toss out the inherited wisdom of the ages in order to embrace false ideas, are in the same way flirting with a form of social insanity.  Neomasculinity is the corrective tonic.

It is our hope that “What Is Neomasculinity?” provokes a vigorous discussion about the evolving nature of modern man’s relation to his environment.

The way forward is clear.  The will to implement it is now what falls to us.


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13 thoughts on “Commentary On The Theses Of Roosh V’s Article “What Is Neomasculinity”?

  1. I got involved in the Game a decade ago. At that time it was still in its early stages of development. The thinking is only now reaching a certain level of synthesis and maturity, thanks to thinkers like you, Roosh, Roissy, Mike C, Rollo Tomasi, among others. Kudos to you all for what you have accomplished. You are finishing work that started long ago – Schopenhauer? Keep it going.


  2. I respect your approach and appreciation of the past, QC. But I feel there is much more to be done to come to terms with the 21st century. We have only begun.

    For example, we cannot turn back to old religions such as Christianity. It’s done. The myths are gone. And we can’t turn back the clock of technological progress which has enabled all the movements in society which we decry.

    A profound rupture with the past has occurred, similar in scope and irreversibility to the rise of agriculture marginalising hunter-gatherer peoples. It did no good for the remaining tribes to cling to their old ways, noble as they may have been, as new kings and pharoahs established monopolies of wealth, building fences and harems, and the free steppe dwindled. Those days are over.

    Since the industrial revolution the pace of change has been staggering, yielding a new world every generation. It’s chaos, unprecedented in evolutionary terms as all technology is completely novel, and it will continue.


    • You bring up a very good point, and you may be right. On the other hand, we haven’t yet turned into cyborgs, and we are still fundamentally (from a biological perspective) the same homo sapiens that existed 30,000 years ago. We are still subject to the same stimuli, the same responses, and the motivations that shaped our ancestors for many thousands of years. I see no reason–yet–to say that the old rules are completely out the window for good.


      • Our ancient genes meeting the imperatives of free-floating high tech capitalism is the immovable object meeting the unstoppable force. Humankind’s Stalingrad if you will. One thing for sure, the rich and intelligent don’t breed, while they do own everything. And the low IQ along with believers in old religions breed like rabbits. I want to live to 500 just to see how it works out.


  3. (Libertas here, just on my WP account.)

    I’m not so convinced that industrial civilization will continue indefinitely the way rogerrrr says it will. In some ways I think we as a society reached our natural limit around 40 years ago, and the degeneracy that we see now is the inevitably neuroses that result from overshoot combined with desperation, much in the same way the Easter Islanders built those stone heads while their own societies entered the period of depletion.

    However, one grim reality we in the sphere need to wrestle with is how we can make technology work for a sane society going forward, in whatever form it takes. Our skepticism is right, but the solutions offered have been few and far between. We’ll have to start thinking.


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