Neomasculinity And Spirituality

One of the core principles of neomasculinity is spirituality.  Some form of spiritual belief should play a role in the proper functioning of a balanced and reflective mind.  All of us have beliefs of one type or another; and instead of fussing about the theological cobwebs of one system or another, it is more productive to focus on the benefits that our belief systems bring us.

In my article this week at Return of Kings, we explore the connection between neomasculinity and spirituality.  Attention is directed on two historical personages who underwent startling transformations from strictly rational thinkers to profound spiritual advocates.  These two men were Blaise Pascal and Al Ghazali.  Pascal came from the rationalist scientific tradition of the West; Al Ghazali was a professor of jurisprudence in Baghdad who transformed himself into a passionate advocate for the mystical experience and its crucial importance.

Despite coming from very different cultural and religious traditions, both of these great figures illustrate the following axioms:  (1) our belief systems can change quickly, and what we believe today we may not believe tomorrow; and (2) the exploration of the inner world is just as important as the exploration of the outer world.

I urge readers to conduct their own inquiries into these matters further.  The spiritual writings of both Pascal (Pensees) and Al Ghazali (Deliverer From Error) are worthy starting points.

To read the article, click here.

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