The Spartacist Revolt: Meeting Force With Greater Force In Berlin 1919

Social justice warriors (SJWs) come in all shapes and sizes, but their methods and mentalities are similar enough to draw meaningful conclusions about such things if a long enough timeline is studied. Although the modern social justice warrior might seem on the surface to bear little resemblance to his 20th century Bolshevist ancestor, a close look at the record suggests otherwise.

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2 thoughts on “The Spartacist Revolt: Meeting Force With Greater Force In Berlin 1919

  1. This revolt also lead to an underlying social fear of communism taking over, which the Nazis exploited to gain power, even though their own revolt failed during the Beer Hall Putsch. And frankly I see something like this providing the necessary impetus to create an actual fascist movement in our country if it happened on a large enough scale.

    I recently explored this in a recent post on my site after coming across the terms “fashing,” “fash,” and even “fashism.” Now, they’re used in mockery to deflect Leftist smears of anyone on the Right. But if anything like the Spartacus Revolt occurs here, I could see the term moving mainstream and not used in jest. If people have to choose between SJWs running things or an unpleasant but stable “fashist” style Pincochet, a lot of them will take the latter, and as troubling as it is to say, the direction of our country indicates that time will soon be near.

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