The Ethics Of Survival


What are the traits that allow us to survive extreme situations?

What is the calculus of survival?  What can we can do to increase our chances of survival in adverse conditions?

This podcast uses lessons learned from the horrifying prison camps of the Pacific in the Second World War to suggest some answers.

Brought to you by Fortress of the Mind Publications.  This podcast can be found both on SoundCloud and on iTunes.  If you enjoyed this podcast, please rate me on iTunes, so that others can find my podcasts.  


6 thoughts on “The Ethics Of Survival

  1. I agree with what you said except that the edge was a great movie. It isn’t. Alec Baldwin is an insufferable fag the entire movie. And the “reveal” that his wife was cucking him was not a surprise at all. Also the part where they kill the bear was stupid…and in the next scene these cityfags are wearing the bears fur? So they knew how to field dress a man killing grizzly bear? Lol.


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