We Will Not Debate You, We Will Replace You


[Editor’s note:  this article is also available in Portuguese and can be found here.]


Recent events in the news media should give us an opportunity for reflection.

If you are someone who believes that popular culture has taken a nosedive in the past forty years, you will be attacked and vilified.

If you dare to express sentiments that contradict the prevailing orthodoxy, you will be attacked and slandered.

When men are attacked and shamed for doing nothing but attempting to meet, drink a glass of beer, and build communal bonds, society is in deep trouble.

And this has now been revealed for all the world to see.

Debate, if that word is to have any rational meaning, can only take place if there is good faith on the part of all participants.  When there is no good faith–that is, when one side deliberately lies and distorts the views of the other–then there are no grounds for rational discussion.

The government and news media work hand in hand to enforce doctrinal orthodoxy.  If you are a media flunky–that is, if you work for one of the major online news rackets–you will be thrown your scraps from the master’s table.

You will be rewarded for being a good little slave.

But if you dare to challenge the narrative, if you dare to propose an alternate view of what is good and bad in society, you can expect quite different treatment.

Such persecution takes various and sundry forms.  In the days of old, there were Inquisitions, barons, bishops, and other instruments of control.


Modernly, we have “hate speech” laws, media incitement, public shaming, and the most sickening grandstanding by hack politicians.

The means are different, but the goals are the same:  control.  And the current regimes in the Anglosphere have decided to embrace a certain worldview.  This worldview, we believe, has no basis in history or human experience, and operates to the net detriment of social order.

It will lead, we believe, to falling birthrates, strained relations between the genders, and a decline in morals, educational standards, and social order.

But you have chosen to silence alternative voices.  You do not care about these things. That is obvious.

All you care about is your own short-term appeasement of those who advocate cultural depravity and debasement.  You hate traditional culture and all it stands for, because it checks your depraved appetites, reins in your base impulses, and holds you to a certain standard.

You go out of your way to reward the dregs, the corrupt, and the vile.  And you not only embrace it, but you celebrate it, and wish to coerce everyone else to celebrate it.

On this site, and in my books, I have worked to demonstrate the lessons that history teaches us, and how those lessons resonate today.

But you have chosen to betray the legacy of your forefathers.

You have chosen to consign the present generation of men, who asked for nothing but your respect and consideration, to an untutored and unmoored fate.

You have cast them off, and washed your hands of them, these men, and you did it while mouthing the same meaningless platitudes that have come to be second-nature to you, delivered with Cheshire cat-like smirks.

We know you.

We know what you are capable of.  You and your lies do not deceive us.

And now the entire world knows as well.

There will be no more debates, no discussions, no dialogues, no approval-seeking on our part.  You are not interested in honest dialogue.

So there are no grounds for discussion.

Instead, we will work that much stronger, harder, faster, and more furiously to replace your ideology with a different one.  Your ideology will wither on the vine, the fruit of an irredeemably corrupted tree.

We are better than you.  We are nobler than you.

And we will replace your ideology.



25 thoughts on “We Will Not Debate You, We Will Replace You

  1. I was actually interested in attending the International MeetUp event. I am a guy interested in the arguable crisis between the sexes at the moment and the influence of radical feminism on both men and women. I find it disappointing that men like me are being branded ‘rapists’ and people are threatening violence and public shaming simply for being curious and wanting to have a discussion on something in a non feminist approved context. This is a dark day for freedom of association and freedom of speech.

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    • Pretty soon their accusations of rapist will be as ineffective as accusing someone of being a racist/sexist/etc. It’s the new “card” they’re using and in time, it will be as useless as the rest as the truth spreads. The fact of the matter is that although the SJW’s won the battle, the war still moves on in our favor. I saw many people who were neutral or lurkers speaking up on our behalf, calling out the lies of the left. Many of the meet-ups were cancelled, including my own, but guess what? We’re already making plans to meet in the future. They can’t stop us from meeting and discussing our issues. I’ll be glad to put a face to the names of the men I’ve been talking to and discuss how we can improve ourselves, our communities, and our society.


  2. Well said, Quintus.

    The tide turns, and the bloody ignobility of yesterday’s degenerate ideology will be crushed and blown away with the ashes of a dead age.

    There is no longer anything to discuss with the Left and their vacuous, ridiculous proponents.

    Why would men seek to perpetuate the effeminate cuckoldry of the weak? Especially in grave time of existential war?

    The year will bring grand and devastating results.


    twitter: @darktriadman
    web: http://darktriadman.com
    email: him@darktriadman.com

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  3. I hope you are right, that “we” can overcome “them.” The SJWs and other non-achieving, negative loser types seem to me, at times, to have a snowballing momentum in their ability to shape policies and society.

    Obviously, this is why those meet ups (and writers/thinkers such as you) are important. Crucial.

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  4. For long I thought the meeting was a bait from Roosh, like a very smart move to get more exposure and to show the world how violent and hysterical the SJW and the feminists are. They clearly are a cult and they clearly showed how deranged they were. The twitter rebels went crazy, It worked. Hats off to Roosh. I still think the tribe network is a great idea. Like minded people are rare.

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  5. This almost smacks of the German “peace offensive” of 1918, a last, desperate attempt to win on the western front when the country was in fact on the brink of total ruin economically and socially. It was impressive for a time, but was halted and ultimately defeated.

    Quintus, we should organize another global meet in a month, just as public, but done with greater organization and hence control. We need to hold these meets.

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  6. If only the code phrase had been changed to “Are you here for the refugee solidarity meet-up to discuss implementing sharia law in the West?

    In all seriousness, though, this attempted meet-up was akin to the IRA’s Border Campaign; we simply cannot meet openly because we cannot count on our rights to be protected by the same state perpetuating what we’re trying to oppose. The Long War insurgency approach is needed.

    The one silver lining is that this showed just how entrenched feminism is in the West, how it controls the narrative. As someone who works in local media, seeing story after story after story about a “legal rape meetup” just left me stunned. Either everyone is in cahoots, or they’re drinking the same Kool Aid. Or both.

    This is how easily the Establishment can recruit ordinary people to voluntarily act as their Red Guards and stormtroopers and do the dirty work. If they carry out criminal acts, people like us will garner no sympathy. If someone had shot one of the men trying to attend a meetup, the entire coverage would be focused on how the killer was gunned down a “legal rape advocate” and how more laws are needed to crack down on hate speech.

    Just a suggestion: At some point communication needs to be carried out covertly or in exclusive forums where the members have been properly vetted prior. It’s much more painstaking but as we’ve seen before movements like these are easily undermined by spies, informers, turncoats, and the like.


  7. Something never before seen happened yesterday. The entirety of western media went after one man and did it all on it’s own. There was no front page Reddit story(Martin Shkreli) or trending twitter topic that got their attention. All Roosh had was a few small bloggers offer a few tweets of support.

    You’re right. Discussion should just be over. No more whining on twitter or arguing about hypocrisy in comments sections. The left doesn’t care, and as everyone saw yesterday, they don’t have to.


  8. A day will come when the left will fall just like other failed ideologies such as nazism or communism in the Soviet block countries. The more abusive and oppressive they get, the sooner will come their downfall.

    Keep up the great work, Quintus. This age needs men like you.

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  9. I am reminded of the final scene from “Boondock Saints”…

    We should not be surprised by the vehemence espoused by the left. It is their creed, their sole mantra, and it illuminates the empty spaces of their hearts.

    Truth has always been a bitter medicine for the corrupt and spiritually malformed.

    Once a living being walks those empty halls of the castle of “Willing suspension of disbelief” they can not be brought back into the real world except by the supernatural hand of God. It is futile for a man to try. You only have one option and that is to defeat them. Not partially but completely. You must deny them the sanctuary of their malignant narrative.

    How is this done? By standing with Truth, honor, courage, Integrity, competency, and most importantly the Word of God. One of the central criticisms I have personally had with the “Red Pill” movement has been its over dependence upon the vagina. By over emphasizing sex we have ceded power to women. That has to stop.

    Will we win? I dont know.. But… The only chance western civilization has lies in the hands of western men.

    I order to win we must change the reason we fight… Not to ensure defeat of our enemies.. But to ensure that we do not become like them…

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  10. I was horrified to see the news that the meetups were cancelled, you were collectively attacked. I am so disappointed.
    Please don’t ever give up. I am counting on you for the sake of my granddaughters who might never know the stable world in which I grew up. Do whatever it takes. I trust you.

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  11. We should heed the words of Alexander Solzhenitsyn when he said that “One word of truth outweighs the World”. The power of the SJWs is at most an illusion, and it is one based on false premises. However, their ability to exact retribution from those who they deem to be a threat, is still formidable. The Soviet Union, a country based on lies, coercion and brutality was likewise seemly powerful until a tipping point was reached and it collapsed completely and totally.

    What the tipping point for this current politically correct regime will be, is unknown at this time. We can however rest assured that it will become increasingly vicious and unforgiving as its power is challenged. For many of us, save for a daring few, it would be foolish to attempt a head on assault at this point in time, as all spears will be directed at the leading elements. Roosh has borne the brunt of the SJW counter attack, but many of us with wives and children to support cannot risk losing our jobs, and likewise the ability to support our families. We can however quietly advocate for a more rational and reasoned (red-pill) approach to the important issues of the day. I am already quietly doing this with my children. My wife likewise is an anti-feminist.

    Our movement requires not only inspired leadership, that is men who are willing to face the arrows and spears, it also requires a legion of men, who provide the much needed behind the scenes support, that is the logistics, to ensure a victory.

    While the dissension in the Soviet Union began as early as 1945 (and in some cases much earlier) when Solzhenitsyn realized the utter depravity of the state, it took another 45 years before the whole edifice came tumbling down. Whether we work openly like Roosh, or quietly behind the scenes, we must hold to truth and speak the truth.

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