The American Media And Iceland’s Domestic Trends


A recent article on CNN’s site painted a rosy, rapturous picture of Iceland as a nation that has finally figured out a way to survive and prosper without marriage. The article was entitled, “Is Marriage Outdated In Iceland?”, and it typifies the kind of agenda-shaping propaganda that passes for journalism in the mainstream media.

[To read the rest of the article, click here].

One thought on “The American Media And Iceland’s Domestic Trends

  1. There’s a lot to take away from this.

    Chiefly, the Powers That Be want to encourage an r selection reproductive strategy in the Western World because the strategy emphasizes minimal parental investment. The state wants parents as uninvested and uninvolved with their kids as possible so the education system can have as much influence as possible. A broken family model makes this much easier.

    An r k selection strategy and the Iceland model works, as you pointed out, because parental involvement isn’t needed as much in a small country that is also 95 percent homogeneous. The education system, culture and society reinforce what is taught at home.

    In a multicultural society like ours in America, it is the opposite. These entities subvert and undermine what parents teach their kids. You are in an occupied land, not a homeland. Here, the k selection strategy has to be employed because no one will have a parent’s back.

    It’s funny CNN wants to champion Iceland’s family model but say nothing about their extreme homogeneity and lack of diversity. If we should embrace one why not the other?

    Where is the “Is Multiculturalism Outdated in Iceland” article?


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