Translations Of “Towards A Definition Of Art”


My good friend James Seehafer, the originator of Massurrealism, has very kindly produced four foreign language translations of my article Towards A Definition Of Art.  All of these translations were done by professional native speakers, and can be relied on for accuracy and precision.

English –…/english-qcurtius-com…


Again, my special thanks go to James Seehafer for his effort in producing these fine editions.

If you enjoyed this pamphlet, you would also enjoy my book Pantheon.

2 thoughts on “Translations Of “Towards A Definition Of Art”

  1. Thank you Quintus for having produced these translations; I have downloaded all of them.

    Quintus: needless to say how wonderful it must’ve been for each professional translator to have delved into their respective ‘language world’, and bring out the best precision possible regarding artistic foundations. Definitions & concepts behind vocabulary is man’s most beautiful ability.

    Such can be a tool for truth or falsehood. May we all seriously strive for the former.


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