How Did We Get To Be Where We Are Now? (Podcast)


A reader notes that the previous generations failed to prevent the corruption and decay afflicting the US in the modern era. How did this happen? The short answer is that wealth and ease breed laziness and corruption. Tune in for more details.

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5 thoughts on “How Did We Get To Be Where We Are Now? (Podcast)

  1. I think drug cartels given enough power may morph into 4th generation war actors. Already they are killing government officials in Mexico and controlling territory. They may try to do the same in America.

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    • What is the appropriate way to deal with such groups which not only come from Mexico but are homegrown from street and prison gangs? Fight them like ISIS?

      The South American government for example never seemed to able to effectively fight such groups

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  2. Great podcast Quintus. I think you really hit the root cause of those generations “dropping the ball.” They grew up in the greatest time in US history (from a way of life point of view) and lived as entitled children forever. Destroying the world, thinking they didn’t have to do a damn thing and deserve praise, and letting “father government” take care of all their needs.

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