Germany’s 2016 Security White Paper: Possible Beginning Of Change?


Beyond the depressing headlines, there may—perhaps—be grounds for cautious optimism that the German establishment is waking up to the fact that they need to change their security doctrine. Angela Merkel’s recent white paper on Germany’s national security challenges seems to indicate that her government is slowly becoming aware that major changes need to be made to both security doctrine and implementation.

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3 thoughts on “Germany’s 2016 Security White Paper: Possible Beginning Of Change?

  1. Merkel is a bigger hypocrite than a televangelist. A few years ago, she was on the campaign trail saying that multiculturalism doesn’t work. Lately, she let in all these “refugees”. Oh, and just now she’s seeing that there’s a problem.

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  2. I think its a natural response, but the people need it, not Merkel. All this unity and pushing towards a multicultural “utopia” all sounds good on paper until the enemy is threatening your basic survival. Not being able to ride a train or eat lunch at a cafe without constant fear for your life will drive you mad. She screwed Germany and gave it away to the hordes. I don’t trust her one bit.


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