The Mystery Of The Vanishing Men


A recent article on NPR claimed to be mystified by the mass exodus of men from the American workforce.  The numbers really are shocking.  By some measures, it’s even worse than it was during the Great Depression.

What is going on?  Is this an economic matter, or is there something more profound at work?  And how can this spiritual and cultural crisis be reversed?


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8 thoughts on “The Mystery Of The Vanishing Men

  1. Destruction of capitalism is not possible via frontal confrontation (Antonio Gramsci). The pillars supporting capitalism (the church, the institutions, and the nuclear family) must be destroyed and when they are a socialist utopia will rise from the ashes. This systematic destruction is known as “the long march through the institutions” (Rudi Dutschke). The methodology of “how to” is detailed in “Rules for Radicals” (Saul Alinsky). Hillary Clinton wrote her master’s thesis on Alinsky and interviewed him at least once and most probably more. The proletariat masses will be brainwashed into being “”useful idiots” in the fight (Vladimir Lenin). Feminists, homosexuals, and blacks will become the organized “useful idiots” (Yuri Besmenov, Soviet KGB). Mass media will be manipulated for the cause (Frankfurt School, the Radio Project, Herbert Marcuse, William Paley, Columbia University, etc.) The fight will be global (Zebignew Brezenski, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Grasshopper Club, the Bilderberg Group, etc.) Wealthy capitalist will finance the operations (see the George Soros E-mail hack).

    The Marxist theology of the above paragraph has been replaced by global crony capitalism. The global elites are on the verge of achieving their version of paradise as warned of by Orwell in 1984. A world of sheep fighting endless wars to support manufacturing while the same sheep cower in fear at the thought of the “thought police” and the jack booted thugs of the state kicking down their doors in the middle of the night. They can kill the sheep any time they want, but they would rather destroy an unruly sheep and re-educate it. A broken formerly unruly sheep in the population sends the message to all the herd. This is price of rebellion.

    Winston Smith, the hero of 1984, asked his torturer O’Brien what the future would look like. O’Brien told him “to imagine a boot crushing a human face forever”. If the high heel stilletto of a woman proves insufficient then the iron boot of the police state will step in for her in an orgy of violence by proxy. A sheep believing in the myth of western jurisprudence will find himself in a legal insanity that would make Kafka incredulous. For a man, the carving in the granite above the entrance to a courthouse may as well be that as cast into the gates of Hell; “Abandon All Hope Ye Who Enter Here”.

    All ordinary men, especially straight white men, are the common enemy of all the “useful idiots” and their global elite puppet masters. The victory laps are starting. The impending victory of Hillary will seal the deal. If it looks like Trump is going to win, he will either be scared off like Perot in 1992 or assassinated. When confronted with the choice of the lives of his family or the Oval Office, Trump will have no choice but to fold just like Perot. They won’t have to kill him, but Trump will be told they will if they have to.

    The history is clear. The plan is clear. The end game is clear, and near at hand.

    Men have been forced out of productivity, unless they toe the line of orthodoxy. Those already forced out (your’s truly) have given up and gone ghost (a lifestyle of peace I highly recommend). For those that are awakened and still in the game they have gone MGTOW to one degree or another. These men realize that playing the game is very dangerous but will still play but not by the house rules. The house will eventually find a way to crush them. Then there are the unawakened sheep blissfully awaiting their turn in the slaughterhouse. Despite the overwhelming evidence surrounding them, they will still bleat out in agony and surprise when their throats are cut.

    So, the disappearance of men from the workforce is now explained. It is the same explanation for when there are no men, only sheep, stilettos, and jack boots. Historical forces are at work that can only be overcome by a massive uprising of the Alt-Right, will will be doomed to failure due to the militarization of the police. The best answer for the ordinary man to this insanity is to go ghost, make a drink, kick back, and enjoy the show. The fucking we are taking is only going to get worse. Prepare yourself. Cheers, I think.

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      • I think the positive thing is that we now know–like never before–that we ourselves have to take positive action. No cavalry is coming to rescue us. So, yeah, it’s dark, but at the same time, it’s refreshing to finally feel free to take action without any false hopes.


        • Spengler and Unwin are correct. A collapse is coming. All the signs are staring us in the face. But the coming descent into darkness will be unlike any other in history. I have been saying for years that if historians are around in 500 years they will write that the electronics revolution of the late 20th and early 21st centuries was the worst thing ever to befall mankind.

          The reason is three pronged. Information is power and the elites of all ages have realized this and guarded it jealously. From the high priest of ancient Egypt to the medieval Catholic Church to the modern MSM the elites have always kept the masses uniformed of the actual truth. As the censorship of the internet increases forums such as this will disappear. The only information the masses will be allowed is orthodoxy and the modern equivalent of bread and circuses. Seditious creative though, such as this excellent forum, will be crushed. This makes for am incredibly stupid population.

          The second prong of the power of information consolidation is that the electronics revolution made privacy of any sort an illusion. People freely give any their private data to Facebook. They freely give their DNA profile to What is not given away is collected via card swipes, IP addresses, and telephone records. A detailed dossier of every person is only a few mouse clicks away from the enforcers in their never ending search for heresy and challenges to elite power. This makes for a fearful population and most importantly makes organizing for resistance an impossibility.

          The third prong is money. The elites are pushing for a cashless society and they will succeed. The mark of the beast may not be 666 tattooed on your arm, but it will be the microchipped ATM card in your wallet or the RFID chip implanted in the fleshy part of your palm, AKA the Mound of Venus. Every penny will be tracked by who spent it and where and when and for what. This makes for financing organized resistance an impossibility.

          The modern version of the Spanish Inquistiton is already here, spearheaded by the family courts. The Gestapo has returned with a vengeance via the militarized police (BTW, SCOTUS has ruled that you can be too smart to be cop, Jordan v. New London). People have turned on each other; If you see something say something, false rape claims, bogus sexual harassment claims, fear of unemployment for speaking your mind. Everyone, everywhere, at all times is under video surveillance. All as Orwell predicted.

          Yes, this collapse into darkness will be different. In simpler times lovers of freedom could retreat to the mountains or deserts to organize and eventually become strong enough to challenge the tyrants in their enclaves. The electronics revolution has removed all havens of refuge from the planet. If they can’t track you on the ground, they will track you via electronic eyes in geosynchronous orbit surrounding the globe. There is no place to run.

          I am no coward. The rebellious blood of my ancestors runs deep in my veins. I can conceive of no greater honor than to be shoulder to shoulder with my 2nd great grandfather on July 3, 1863, at the Bloody Angle. I would have gladly faced the never ending sheets of hot lead and grape shot from the Union cannon that day because I would be surrounded by brave men who believed in their cause and believed they had a chance. Alas, today I would not make that charge. For while the cause would remain just, the odds of success have now been reduced to zero.

          That is why I have chosen the only sane path. Quintus, if you can organize an armed march upon the bastions of tyranny, I will be with you at that 21st century Bloody Angle. But, neither you nor any other can pull that off. That is why I will make a drink, kick back, and enjoy the show. Thank God I will not be alive for the denouement of the collapse. I pray for the men of the future. Cheers.


  2. Quintus,

    This is in my opinion one of the best, if not the best podcast I’ve ever heard. You hit the nail on the head and boldly describe what it is we’re dealing with in society today.

    Some may choose to opt-out of this 21st century life for men. As you put, its the cards we’ve been dealt. The elite are choking the life out of all that is right in the world: masculinity, family, church, and normalcy, in place of a feminized, brainless pulp of a society.

    Albeit tongue in cheek, but we are hurdling toward Idiocracy every day.

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  3. I wish there was something we could do about this situation, but I don’t find a lot that I could do, besides work on my own self-improvement.

    If you look at history, I think there were surely people in Russia who could see that Bolshevism was dangerous, or in Germany who could see that Nazism was bad, but the momentum of the larger mind-controlled populace took their societies in the wrong direction and there was nothing they could do to fight it and win at the time.

    Our current tyranny has a different ideology than those but I think we are facing the same form of problem– a large, essentially mind-controlled mass of people (via marketing / propaganda / social influence) and a small minority who is not large enough to do anything about it (us).

    It is difficult to find a solution to this problem but at least our communication systems are still allowing us to listen to stuff like this podcast.

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