How To Avoid Burnout (Along With A Hidden Question) (Podcast)


The question here is: “How do I avoid burnout?”

But–as is often the case–I sense a hidden question lurking below the surface here that deals with isolation and loneliness.

We discuss some answers.


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One thought on “How To Avoid Burnout (Along With A Hidden Question) (Podcast)

  1. Good podcast. I dunno about the Philippines but in the USA it seems that if you want to pursue any path of study, you are in for a long, lonely journey. A person can get burnt out due to a lack of anyone who shares their interests. For me, 90+% of people I meet are only interested in getting drunk, watching videos/sports, and listening to (bad) music. That doesn’t make them bad people but I’m not interested in those things.

    Sometimes you can find people who share your interests online, but that is no substitute for meeting people in the real world.

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