The US Navy Adopts The Gender-Neutral Agenda


The US Navy overturned 241 years of tradition recently when it officially abolished all job titles for enlisted personnel.  The decision has turned out to be extremely unpopular, and by the time you’ve finished with this article, you’ll understand why.  The change was ultimately ordered by Navy Secretary Ray Mabus, but the original idea came from the top enlisted man Master Chief Petty Officer Mike Stevens.

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2 thoughts on “The US Navy Adopts The Gender-Neutral Agenda

  1. This article is an excellent observation. I wish there was an effective way that I could work to show others the danger here.

    I am a Marine that served from 04′-08′. I fought in Iraq and lost 5 of my brothers over there…war is clearly not a place for women. To pretend otherwise is very foolish.

    My first unit in the fleet was a large Radio Communications platoon in Okinawa composed of about half males and half females. I observed how the women clouded our leaders’ minds and encouraged fraternization constantly. They skipped out on physical training and never showed any real desire for combat. This is not how Marines are brought up.

    The unit that I toured Iraq with was so different: all male assault amphibian unit, well trained and incredibly focused, we couldn’t have possibly been tighter, more cohesive, or more ready to give our lives for the land we love. No suprise that I still stay close friends with these warriors today while I can’t even remember the names of the girls I trained with in Okinawa.

    Thanks for speaking up Quintus. I have been reading your work for a couple of years now. It’s that rare, thoughtful & true sort of writing that stirs my blood and makes me smarter.

    Hoorah Devil Dog.

    Semper Fi.

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    • Hey thanks Cody for the nice comment. Appreciate that. I was on active duty from ’90 to ’94 and then in reserves for 6 years after that.
      I never thought I’d live to see the day when I’d have to write an article like this. So it’s sad for me too, believe me. But if nothing else it just goes to prove what is a bitter lesson: unless each generation of leaders minds the responsibilities of command, then traditions and capabilities will be lost. And that’s what’s happening right now.
      The men at the top have abrogated their responsibilities to look after the institutions they were sworn to protect. They are ignorant of tradition, unit morale, and much else.
      Maybe if they had cared a little bit more about the responsibility that went along with the privileges of command, things would not have gotten this bad. Yet here we are.
      To be honest, I’m furious about it, but there is nothing we can really do except try to alert the public to what is going on.
      Even the media doesn’t really report things. All I saw on deployment was a lot of morale problems from throwing men and women together without paying any attention to gender differences. You had pregnancies, fraternization, morale problems, competency issues, etc. But of course none of that gets reported because it contradicts the politically correct mantra of the day.


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