Gaining And Maintaining Confidence (Podcast)


A reader talks about how he is having issues with keeping his confidence up.

We offer some suggestions that provide practical ways to overcome fears and self-doubt.  Time and experience are the keys here.


The William Slim quote read in the podcast was taken from “Disaster Can Be The Stimulus For Victory.”


This podcast is available in a number of different media platformsincluding Soundcloud, iTunes, YouTube, and Google Play.  


To learn more about achieving confidence, read Thirty-Seven and Pathways.  

3 thoughts on “Gaining And Maintaining Confidence (Podcast)

    • Thanks man. Some guys think that confidence is some “switch” they can turn on at random. Doesn’t really work that way. It takes years of consistent effort, and you always feel like you have to prove yourself. Even when you’re 48 years old like me! But with every achievement under your belt, you grow in knowledge and seasoning.

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