Some Writers Just Speak To You (Podcast)


A reader writes to ask whether I like Cicero more than certain other authors.  This leads to a general discussion about what draws us, almost unconsciously, to prefer some writers over others.  Why do some writers resonate with us?  The reasons may surprise you.

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This podcast is available in a number of different media platformsincluding Soundcloud, iTunes, YouTube, and Google Play.  

To learn more about the topics in this podcast, read Thirty-Seven and Pathways.  


2 thoughts on “Some Writers Just Speak To You (Podcast)

  1. I can’t believe it, Quintus.

    How were you able to say what you just said?!

    How dare you pick Cicero over Seneca!

    Ha-ha, just joking around. 🙂

    Really liked this podcast because you’ve made me realize, again, that even the greatest of Men are in the end only men.

    What I wish to say is – all of us are only human; flawed beings who are trying to improve our lot in this world.

    Maybe that’s why humans have an innate distrust for people who seem ‘too’ perfect, because we know that there is no such thing as a perfect human being.

    As of now I’ve read all of your books and the Meditations.

    Seneca is still waiting for me.

    I don’t have the knowledge yet to judge his works, though I will say that as a character I like him least of the three – I just don’t like hypocrites.

    Walk as you talk because even if you’ll talk otherwise as you are walking I’ll still see your footsteps and where they are going.

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    • Hehe…thanks much man. Appreciate the good words.

      Seneca is a great and influential writer in his own way, and I don’t want to slam him too much. He may have been something of a hypocrite, but maybe we can consider him the most lovable hypocrite who ever wrote. I have all his works and do recommend them. His plays are rather underrated, in my opinion, and should be looked at if you are a serious student of Seneca.

      But it’s like I said: if I’m forced to make a choice, I have to throw in my lot with old Cicero. He was the greatest stylist who ever wrote in Latin, and he at least tried to do the right thing most of the time. He was wrong about some things, and judged Julius Caesar too harshly. But he was a human figure who truly believed in the power of philosophy to make mens’ lives better. St. Augustine preferred him over all other writers.

      Who among us can do any better?


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