The Chain Of Fate: Requiem For The Chapeco Football Club


Some days ago on November 28 I received a text message on WhatsApp from a girl I’m very close to in Rio de Janeiro.  Shortly after that we spoke directly on the phone.  She was distraught, having lost a journalist friend who was aboard the charter plane carrying the team members of the Chapeco football club to their next match.  Fifty-one players and people associated with the Associação Chapecoense de Futebol were killed when the plane went down in the Andes Mountains near Medellin, Colombia.  In such times, you can do little more than try to offer comfort and condolences.

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One thought on “The Chain Of Fate: Requiem For The Chapeco Football Club

  1. An interested reader from Germany who is actually a pilot with solid aviation experience has just written me to amplify and correct some errata in my article here. I will cut and paste the relevant parts below for the benefit of others:

    ” According to aviation rules, planes are supposed to carry enough fuel to permit them to fly for thirty minutes beyond the time for their scheduled destination. ”

    It’s even more. Each commercial flight is required by law to have the fuel from

    – A (departure) to B (destination)
    – plus 5% thereof
    – plus fuel to go around at B and fly to C (alternate airport)
    – to hold there (C) for 30 mins (final reserve)

    ” But the problem was that this was a charter flight, a private flight,”

    This doesn’t matter.

    It wasn’t “private”, it was a commercial flight.

    ” Flight 2933 then began its terrible descent from the skies, crashing into a mountainside just 30 miles from Medellin.”

    The plane crashed 11 NM from the airport, about 20 km.


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