Two Principles Of Management You May Not Have Considered


There are a great many principles of management and leadership, and no book has yet been written that encompasses them all.  But it is still good to state—and restate—them when necessary, since new circumstances and conditions are always arising that challenge our adaptive powers.  I wanted to talk about two of these principles, both of which forced themselves into my life recently as a result of some work challenges I had to deal with.

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2 thoughts on “Two Principles Of Management You May Not Have Considered

  1. I studied math in college.

    Around half way through I figured out a trick that lines up with your second principal:

    To do my homework every week, it took way to much energy and time to try and do it right away when assigned, and the problems were too much to leave until the last night before it was due every week.

    But I figured out that if I started my homework when I got it – spent maybe 15 minutes starting a proof or doing some scratch work or retooling some logic from my notes for the more trivial problems, and then… just let my subconscious chew on everything throughout the week, maybe even taking the time to write something down if a breakthrough was exciting enough, but I could then easily finish the homework the night before it was due without any problem!


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