Why Rep. John Lewis Should Be Disciplined

Stoking the fires of dangerous factionalism
Stoking the fires of dangerous factionalism

John Lewis, a Democratic member of Congress from Georgia, recently stirred controversy with some remarks about the alleged “illegitimacy” of the incoming Trump administration.  He said the following to NBC’s Chuck Todd:

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3 thoughts on “Why Rep. John Lewis Should Be Disciplined

  1. I don`t know, the point of the article is to say that you can`t question the legitimacy of american institutions. The truth is (beyond what you think of rep lewis) is that he was questioning the legitimacy of american institucion much more in the 60s than now. They borke laws in that time, and he was a moderate back then, there were much more radical part in the civil rights movment.
    On the other hand, Trump was not saying that obama was kenyan, that was not questioninig the legitimacy of the president?


    • Here’s where I stand on this.

      No elected member of the government (Lewis is a member of the legislative branch as a member of Congress) should be publicly telling the public that a president is “not legitimate.” As a member of the government, he is held to an ethical standard that is very clear.

      I am not picking on him in particular. I would say the same thing to any elected government official, regardless of party affiliation. No one doubts John Lewis’s record as an activist in the 1960s. No one is questioning that, certainly not me. What I am very concerned about is that we now have elected officials publicly calling into question the soundness and legitimacy of our election process. This is very, very dangerous.

      Trump–when he was a private citizen–certainly tried to undermine President Obama by questioning his citizenship. While I think that was a vindictive and pathetic thing to do, we must remember that Trump was not at that time a member of any branch of government. He was a private citizen. So while his games about Obama’s birth certificate were malicious, they fall within what a private citizen can do.


  2. Look, i live in Rio de la Plata, my father live to see Branden or Peron, Gorilas les va a sonar el escarmiento, the bombing of the Plaza de Mayo, the fall of Peron, the peronist resistence, and more. I know that radicalization processes can be very dangerous for a society. And politicians have their share of responsability on all this processes, but the truth is that politiciand are a reflecion of society.The division of American society are from a long time ago.
    Trump question the legitimacy of president obama it was a calculated move, he understand that`s what many wanted to hear. Lewis is doing the same thing. This election show that the only thing that political parties have to do is mobilize his own base, they, liberals don`t need conservative votes, and viceversa. Lewis don´t need your vote he only needs that all the blacks that stayed at home this election, go to vote in the next one.
    You can question the legitimacy of a president, is the presindet do illegitimate things. It does not matter if you are a representative of a privete citizen


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