Russia’s New Online Encyclopedia

We are living in an age in which everything electronic is praised as newer, better, and more advanced.  The internet, we are constantly told, is the new oracle, is able to dispense absolute truth at the push of a few keyboard keys.  This attitude has seeped into the arena of book publishing, where many observers have given electronic books unqualified praise as “better” and more “convenient” than print books.

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3 thoughts on “Russia’s New Online Encyclopedia

  1. Is it still possible to buy a printed encyclopedia in English that’s reasonably up-to-date as of the current year or something close to it?

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  2. Greetings Quintus Curtius,

    I’ve been lurking on your website for months. I have enjoyed your writings. I believe you and I are the same age. I,too, grew up on various encyclopedias. I grew up in a small farming town in California but we had a wonderful public library. I remember my first trip to our local Andrew Carnegie library (around 1974) that was build in 1905. I was very young and my memories are fuzzy but I remember the books. The library building was torn down in 1975 for an new modern building. But the books were carried over. I have fond memories of spending all day on Saturdays just reading various books and magazines. I would often pick out one of the encyclopedia volumes, open up to a random page, and just read. I miss those days.


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