The Hollow Men (Podcast)

A reader from Italy writes to say he is frustrated and angry with the deceit and fraudulence of a certain political figure on the world stage. We explain why it is best to take a detached, philosophical view of such men, since experience shows that they eventually bring about their own ruin. What matters is to be a man of substance, not a man of straw, a hollow man.  We close by reading T.S. Eliot’s immortal poem, “The Hollow Men.”

Brought to you courtesy of Fortress of the Mind.  This podcast is available on Soundcloud, iTunes, YouTube, and Google Play.  


3 thoughts on “The Hollow Men (Podcast)

  1. […] The US’s enemies are now aware that they are dealing with an emotional, volatile, and ill-informed president who neither reads nor has traveled, someone who can be worn down with the patient application of pressure.  Eastern peoples (Arabs, Persians, and Chinese) are masters at this kind of game. Westerners are usually not, especially not a man with Trump’s character. […]


  2. Great commentary, especially about discerning what we can control and what is beyond our control. I try to emphasize this to friends and colleagues who are prone to emotional outrage that inspires no action on their part.

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