Permanent Irritation: Why Nothing Will Change With North Korea

ذبابة ما هي شئ و تغلت الروح

(A fly is nothing; but it is still loathesome.  –Egyptian proverb)

There has been much talk in the news of possible military action of some sort on the Korean peninsula.  Western observers—the United States in particular—suspect that the North Korean government is planning shortly to test a nuclear device.  Before, US officials have repeatedly expressed their dissatisfaction to their Chinese counterparts regarding North Korea’s refusal to abide by its previous treaty obligations.  Compounding the confusion are recent statements by President Trump that he plans “solve” the North Korean problem one way or another.

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2 thoughts on “Permanent Irritation: Why Nothing Will Change With North Korea

  1. Great technical analysis as usual Q where I came to a similar conclusion. I was also catching up on previous posts such as the Hollow Man podcast and Syria where I could always enjoy such a comprehensive and balanced viewpoint on the current events.

    It seems that with all the turmoil such as the uncertainty of Brexit, Trump, terrorism etc. it is more important than ever to keep a calm attitude and carefully maneuver yourself into a position which minimises any potential danger.

    Furthermore I am interested in your opinion on the recent events that occurred at Berkeley. A potential turning point or a catalyst to descend into mindless chaos?

    Look forward to being able to provide more support for the summer release.

    As always Q, keep up the great work. You always provide a refreshing change between studies and my current side hobbies of playing financial-business chess. (as of now, almost in the position to buy another house for rental, weighing the options of creating a company to minimise multiple ownership)


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