How I Got Robbed In Rio

This is the story of how I got robbed in Rio last month.  Life is like that, sometimes.  A vida é assim…you suck it up, and keep moving.


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6 thoughts on “How I Got Robbed In Rio

  1. I lost my wallet around the same time you were robbed (I also live in S. America). I bought a juice from a street vendor and walked few minutes more for about 200 meters when I realized my wallet was gone. I still have absolutely no idea how it happened. I retraced my steps few times and asked the street vendor who became strangely annoyed and defensive. Her behavior made me suspect that I had misplaced my wallet while paying her and she just took it. I questioned her and asked her to show me her pockets and she obliged with even more annoyance. It wasn’t like I could have done a full body search on her, so I just left.

    I guess the lesson here is that we always have to be vigilant, or at least be present minded. My mind was occupied with worries and concerns about the distant future when I lost my wallet, so I wasn’t paying attention to the present reality and paid the price for it. And guess what? The thing I was so worried about didn’t even materialize. Thus is life.

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    • Bad things can happen to anyone. Anytime, anywhere. Like I said, I’ve been going to Brasil on a regular basis for almost 9 years now and never had any problems. Love the people. Love the country. But out of nowhere, the universe can point its finger at you and say, “Where have you been hiding?” This is what Sallust called fortuna…or fate. Doesn’t matter how tough you think you are. This can happen to anyone.
      And it’s all how you handle it. I came out of it smarter, luckily. But you have to keep your guard up at all times…


  2. Quintus,

    I’m a big fan of your work. Sorry to hear about your experience getting robbed, but I like how you turned it into a positive. I’m currently learning Portuguese (already speak Spanish), and I was curious what materials you enjoy that are in Portuguese? Not necessarily to learn the language, but more so native materials that you like, such as Os Lusiadas..


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  3. At the end of the podcast it appears as if you feel ‘lucky’ in a peculiar way that you experienced this. This is especially noticeable when you claim ‘you fucking love this country’ and when you describe how lovely the night ended with your girl.

    But I think this is a fallacy. The robbery could have been very violent. You could have been beaten up or attacked with the knife. As you say yourself, nobody really cares. And if this would have been happened (i.e. a violent experience in which you for example got stabbed in your eye), you 1) would not have made this podcast, at least not with the same proud voice of ‘experience’ and 2) you probably would have changed your opinions of Brasil.


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