Mentorships And Career Choices (Podcast)

In this podcast we deal with questions from two reader emails.  The first question asks about mentorships.  The second question deals with the concerns one guy is having about his career path.


This podcast is available in a variety of formats, including Soundcloud, YouTube, iTunes, and Google Play.  Brought to you by Fortress of the Mind.

2 thoughts on “Mentorships And Career Choices (Podcast)

  1. Almost Q, though at the moment I currently reside in the UK. Better guess next time!

    Your viewpoint of the current interaction between the generations as “transactional” is especially noteworthy, something which I felt but could not voice. The use of “micro-mentorship” is exactly the way I have tackled this situation, however I try to repay the knowledge gained by supporting works (such as yours) or by applying the knowledge where the results are demonstrated in my continuous application.

    I also warn if the second reader is looking to accumulate wealth, status, and material things as proof of their worth they will be severely disappointed. As one that has gone through it, it does not provide a refuge. Far from it. Like the tale of Midas, material things will only continue to highlight your unhappiness.

    Life is not fair, however it is not an excuse to stop trying.


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