French President Macron Has Been Underestimated

The conventional “wisdom” about France’s new president Emmanuel Macron is that he is just another boring EU bureaucrat, notable only for the tabloid discussions surrounding his spouse.  Some political observers have predicted that he will prove to be just another mediocrity in France’s postwar line of mediocre leaders.  I argue that this judgment is premature, and that, far from being a passive observer to political events, Macron is showing signs of becoming a very assertive leader.  He may very well surprise the world.

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4 thoughts on “French President Macron Has Been Underestimated

  1. France has long been held back by antiquated and restrictive labour laws, and a huge public sector. Sarkozy was supposed to modernise but failed miserably. In France Macron’s opposition will come on the streets – something I saw first hand when I spent a week in Toulouse, on what was supposed to be a business trip, stuck in my hotel room, listening to the mayhem outside. You are right that Macron has surprised everyone so far. But the task that faces him is huge. Good article.

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    • Thanks, Arthur.
      I believe in France. So far, M. Macron has been quietly doing some things that show independence of thought. Let us give him a chance. We’ll know sooner or later what he really stands for.


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