How To Deal With The “Dirtbag Shuffle” (Podcast)

Our society seems to be producing more dirtbags than ever before. They’re everywhere, and they love to seek out people to take advantage of. We discuss how to spot a dirtbag, and how to deal with the common games (the “dirtbag shuffle”) that dirtbags love to play. The only person who cares about you is you, and knowing a few key points will help you protect yourself from their connivance and trickery.


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Learn the key pillars of Stoic thought in my annotated translation of Cicero’s brilliant “Stoic Paradoxes”:

7 thoughts on “How To Deal With The “Dirtbag Shuffle” (Podcast)

  1. Concise and practical information Q.

    This problem is something I have been reflecting on myself, unfortunately it is difficult to fix due to a multitude of contributing factors. Navigating these sort of situations and honing my soft skills has been a current focal point.

    I would also add that another option would to be “smile and nod”. Saves a lot of energy and time while reducing the risk of people placing you on their shit list. Best to reduce your exposure to manipulative types if possible.

    “You’re not going to win any points by telling him how to fix his situation. Why? Well everyone is a genius in every topic” – Wall Street Playboys (A nice quote that comes to mind)

    I find that the lack of pride in a job well done is severely absent largely due to the prominence of capitalism (money at all costs). This in turn interferes with our communal duties as it’s all about the pay check. Our large ego’s in these modern times also makes it difficult to admit our inadequacies. (+ Many others factors)

    I’m not sure if an additional follow up is needed. I am quite intrigued how you balance calling out dirt bags (enforcing more positive character traits) while minimising the negatives (ostracism, the workplace minefield etc.)

    The question above is my current dilemma. I cannot sit idle and watch society decline but being small in number we still need to protect ourselves from the current hostile environment.

    Any practical advice would be much appreciated by your readers.


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    • You can’t be someone else’s mother. All you can do is look out after yourself, and try to improve yourself the best you can, Will. And you’re right about the “money over all” ethic being the source of a lot of misery and destructiveness.


      • I guess my previous comment was not aptly worded. I understand mothering is a waste of time and unnecessary frustration. However surely we must do our small part where we can otherwise we are just enabling more of this behaviour?

        Again, all this must be handled with tact. (Applying tact is not my strong point and a skill I have been working on).

        Maybe it’s just my naivety and bravado because I am young and it’s always better to get a second opinion from someone with more life experience.

        Thanks Q

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  2. Dear Quintus,

    I have purchased your books and have listened to your podcasts for 2 years now.

    I have one question, and it would be great if you could respond.

    Are you able to expand to possibly able to do a podcast on managing success as a young successful man? I have worked hard for several years and am now in the top 5% economically in Europe in terms of my pay/bonus from a relatively blue collar family. Aged 23-27 years old.

    I am very well educated (post-graduate level) in a sector where intellectual property is the number one edge so I feel relatively confident about how much I can make by age 35 if I continue to work hard and re-invest in things like land.

    My life has become some paradox. Despite having the things most people want, excellent physical and mental shape, solid education etc. I am spending a disproportion of my timing working to maintain and generate more wealth (i.e. to clear off any loans from school etc, cover housing costs etc etc).

    I also spend much of my time dealing with things I did not expect to deal with – specifically with changing relationship dynamics. Many people from my past do not seem to comprehend how much work it takes and simply want a free ride. They have become the “dirtbags” as you described in this podcast. It is increasingly becoming more difficult for me to relate to even people within my own age group who always want a free ride.

    I have contemplated working harder to transition to a different city in the same line of work. I.e. moving from Europe to NYC or San Francisco or Toronto Canada so that I can be around more people with similar aspirations and goals to me.

    Perhaps it is a strange question but how does a young man manage success, maximizing happiness whilst minimizing stress and conflict?


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