Josephine Livingstone Of The New Republic Falsely Calls Me An “Alt Right Personality”

It is an unfortunate fact of life that when one achieves a certain level of accomplishment and publicity, he will inevitably attract the attention of guttersnipes, frauds, and incompetents.  People who have no achievements to their name, or who are incapable of producing decent work in their fields, are offended by the sight of those who actually create and do useful work.  The man of achievement is an object of hatred for such people.  They take refuge in hiding behind baseless accusations and name-calling.  And when they can find no labels or smears to attach to you, they simply invent them.  As Ibn Munir said on this subject:

Ah, how well I know the world and its people!  With them it is a crime for merit to be perfect.  They are formed in Nature’s basest mold:  the best of them, if I say a word, will repeat it; and if I keep silence, will report to others what I never said…

The declaration which I make is plain and clear as the light of morning; then follows a firm resolution which executes my will, as the edge of the sword slays the victim which it encounters.

Yesterday I found out that a writer for the New Republic wrote some screed in which my name appeared.  The author, Josephine Livingstone, falsely and absurdly refers to me as an “alt right personality.”  No evidence for this is offered; the label is simply affixed in an attempt to denigrate me.  In peddling this lie, she simply regurgitates the lies spewed by another guttersnipe, to which I have already responded decisively.

As I have said before, as should be obvious to anyone who spends five minutes reading my books or my website, I am not part of the alt-right, nor have I ever been part of it.  I do not share its views.  I have never advocated “supremacist” or “separatist” views of any type.  Dr. Livingstone’s attempt to affix this label on me is false, dishonest, and based on professional jealousy.

Anyone who spends five minutes looking through my books and my site knows what my values are.  No one acting in good faith could possibly confuse my views with those of others.  I have always believed and taught that men and women are to be judged by their deeds, character, and achievements.  This is the essence of my ethic, and anyone who reads my work understands this.  My site is the only existing site that celebrates the achievements of all races, all religions, and both genders.  What about you, Dr. Livingstone? What achievements do you have to your name, other than trying to denigrate and smear good people?

When I heard about the article, I sent out the following tweets:





At first, I did not receive any response from these attempts to correct the record.  [Note:  Later that day, she did apologize and retract her statement, as I describe in the link at the end of this article].  Intellectual integrity is not part of the make-up of guttersnipes and incompetents.  This is not how they operate.  They can only survive by hiding their ineptitude and lack of achievements behind a screen of name-calling and accusations.

To morally corrupt people, or to jealous incompetents, any talk of masculine virtue is “toxic.”  Any talk about character, great deeds, and great adventures bothers them.  Such words expose their own shortcomings, their own cowardly nature, their own lies and scams.  My very existence exposes Josephine Livingstone’s lies.  So I must be pigeon-holed and smeared, so that she can live with her own delusions, failures, and lies.  This is how such people operate.

This should be a lesson to us.  Why is Josephine Livingstone and the New Republic so threatened by me?  The answers are simple.  I have actually accomplished things they can only dream of accomplishing.  My books and translations speak for themselves, and have introduced men and women all over the world to hidden worlds that they never dreamed existed.  And I have done it with hard work, integrity, and persistence.  What has the failed writer Josephine Livingstone done, except conduct witch-hunts and smear good people?  Nothing.  

More than ever before, people both young and old desperately need to learn the lessons of virtue, character, and leadership that Livingstone’s generation failed to teach.  Her generation failed–and failed abysmally–in passing on the legacy of the past to the youth.  Her laziness and incompetence is on display for the entire world.  She and her generation have done nothing to teach the youth about character, virtue, and the necessity of struggle.  Instead,  she preaches an opposite doctrine:  spoiled entitlement, anti-intellectualism, intolerance, and cowardice.  She represents intolerance and cowardice in its worst form.

The man of achievement and integrity is an offense to the petty mind of the incompetent, the dolt, and the guttersnipe.  It must be especially galling to a failure like Livingstone that I, who rose from obscurity, have achieved what I have achieved without the help people like her.  My success highlights her complete failure.  My hard work exposes her utter laziness and incompetence.  And this is what all the name-calling really is about:  she doesn’t care about the truth, she cares about covering up her own ineptitude.  I emphasize character, virtue, and the great deeds of history.  To the weasel, the guttersnipe, and the incompetent, these words are toxic.  They don’t have good character, nor do they want to hear about virtue.

But this does not matter.  I do not write for such people.  Every week, from all over the globe, I receive gracious emails from men and women of all nations who tell me how my books, translations, and website have changed their lives.  Those are the people I write for.

Stand up for yourself.  When some lazy incompetent tries to lie about you, respond.  Do not allow anyone to demean you, lie about you, or to pigeon-hole you.  In this world, there are those who are doing real work, and those who are only good at name-calling.

Keep working, keep fighting, and you will achieve victory.


[UPDATE:  Shortly after this article was written, Ms. Livingstone contacted me, acknowledged her error, and corrected the false characterization of me in her article.  Details are here.]

10 thoughts on “Josephine Livingstone Of The New Republic Falsely Calls Me An “Alt Right Personality”

  1. I read through her article, and she actually reveals why they have a problem with your work.

    “Zuckerberg cites an alt-right personality who goes by “Quintus Curtius,” who fears a future where classical knowledge will be “purged from schools … for not being in tune with modern feminism and political correctness.” But what is “classical knowledge,” in the mind of Quintus Curtius? It is not likely, writes Zuckerberg, to be knowledge of the experience of slavery.”

    Your writing teaches people about classical virtues such as courage, honor, integrity, and how to develop one’s character.

    Our modern-day “overlords” are not interested in developing character. They are not interested in teaching people how to achieve greatness in their own lives. They want to instill shame and guilt among certain groups of people through nonsense such as the “knowledge of the experience of slavery” in order to control them through a perceived sense of moral superiority.

    They don’t want to study stoicism or heed the lessons of Cato the Younger, because that requires, as you mentioned, hard work and persistence in the face of repeated struggles and failures to better one’s self. Their concept of virtue is based a variety of adopting and assigning shallow, politically-artificial identities that, ironically enough, place them closer to many of those whom they revile than they’ll ever admit.

    They aren’t even interested in the ancient wisdom of non-Western philosophers or rulers, because it can’t be used to control other people, and that’s really what it is all about – privileged elite brats maintaining control without having to do any of the work one would normally have to do in order to hold authority over others, legitimately or not.

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  2. FWIW – thank you for your blog, and they call you “Alt Right” because everyone to the left of Stalin is Hitler these days, and that’s their bogeyman.

    Truth, as it is, is not a concern for them. Many are infested enough with post-modernism they don’t even really believe in such.

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  3. Feces flinging nobodies (Avoiding the insult to apes by association) attacking virtue is,sadly,nothing new under the sun- though that makes it no less annoying.
    Gives one an idea of how Quintus and his predecessors in the search and understanding of knowledge and valor often have felt at times.

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  4. What’s wrong with being an Altright personality? That simply means that you are not a part of the neoconservative beltway right that insists on frittering away our resources on pointless middle eastern wars (pointless for us, but to their architects they do have a point), and replacing us with massive third world immigration. I hear her say “that man of intellect, integrity, and honor.”


    • No. That may be how you define it, but it’s not how I define it, or how the rest of the world defines it. I am not a white nationalist, a racist, a separatist, or any of that bullshit. I have nothing to do with those people, and will not allow anyone to lie about me and call me that. Anyone who reads my books or my site knows what I stand for: character, struggle, great deeds, virtue, and endurance. I celebrate the worthy traditions of all, without regard to race, religion, or national origin.


      • Oh, I see. But it’s really a somantics game, for altright did not formerly mean that, although it did encompass those positions. Did you ever write about the removal of the confederate monuments?


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