A Dialogue With James Maverick

I recently had a great conversation with my good friend James Maverick, an accomplished traveler and entrepreneur, who is also the proprietor of the site MaverickTraveler.com.  It’s always a great feeling to be talking to people with whom you have something in common, and we were able to cover an amazing amount of ground in the areas of travel, culture, and books.  As James himself says:

 In this episode of Maverick Traveler Radio, I sit down with author, historian and fellow traveler, Quintus Curtius to talk about a ton of interesting things. Our topics range from the future of America and the West to the difference of Brazilian nightlife to cryptocurrencies to getting robbed in Rio de Janeiro and finding great steak in Kiev. We also discuss if it’s possible to have true leadership in today’s world instead of being surrounded by lackluster leaders lacking any charisma.

So sit back, relax, get yourself a drink, and listen to the whole podcast here.