The Porfirio Insight: Knowing Where You Came From, And Where You’re Going

This is the third podcast I’ve done on Michael Porfirio, aka The G Manifesto.  They’ve proven to be extremely popular.  In this latest episode, we talk about the “Porfirio Insight”: the ability to step outside yourself, take stock in your life, and see where you are headed.  It’s all about the journey, and whether the trip has been a memorable one. We’ve all only got one life to live…so you’d better make it count.


This podcast is available on iTunes, SoundCloud, YouTube, and Google Play.


Read more in Stoic Paradoxes, the only modern translation of this classic (it’s also coming soon in audio book):

One thought on “The Porfirio Insight: Knowing Where You Came From, And Where You’re Going

  1. Understanding yourself and in which direction you should head is easily one of the hardest challenges for men, aside from humbling ourselves before God.

    G Manifesto clearly works on this issue repeatedly. To me his Twitter account seems like a struggle, a man consumed with defying the negativity, the weakness, the debasement that is all around.

    That said, sparingly, but deliberately, MM will mention his reverence for God in his tweets. The blog post you read in this podcast seems to deal with this in an indirect way.

    *Carrefour is a huge French chain supermarket/megamart in Europe.

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