Virtue Is A Sentinel (Podcast)

The virtues have been a force promoting social cohesion and stability for thousands of years. As a society becomes more wealthy, it tends to neglect these virtues. The consequences are deeply destructive: loss of social cohesion, indiscipline, greed and moral corruption. History suggests that such societies become ripe for disorder, even collapse.



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Read more in the new translation of Sallust:

2 thoughts on “Virtue Is A Sentinel (Podcast)

  1. I think this is one of your best podcasts. I’ve listened to it several times over the past few days and have reflected on how it applies to my life as a man. It’s easy to get caught up in what the world is doing and the ruinous direction it is headed, but it’s more important to recenter and focus on what I am doing. That’s the only thing in our control, and I’m working harder than ever and pressing forward.

    Thanks, Quintus.

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