Arthur, The Three-Legged Dog (Podcast)

A reader asks about how he should handle a limitation he believes he has. We respond by telling him an anecdote, and drawing the appropriate lessons from it.

We close on a humorous note by reading some recent tweets by the G Manifesto.  Humor may indeed be the healthiest tonic.


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Read more on overcoming obstacles in Thirty-Seven:

3 thoughts on “Arthur, The Three-Legged Dog (Podcast)

  1. I agree completely, QC. And I often stop myself from thinking like your reader. But I know it is not the way to go. I am older and more worn and less capable in a number of ways now at 44 than I was at 24. But I am also a better man and wise in a lot of ways I sorely missed back then. Merits and demerits. You said it well.

    P.S. Came across this article about the well-known and also the little known people who were all lost in the Antarctic over at BBC. I had to blog about because it really captivated me. And I’d also like to share it here, in case you haven’t seen it. I hope it will interest you:

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  2. I’ve always been curious as well to know to what degree obsession with youth is cultural. Of course, I can understand why many people would want to be young again, but, according to the Chinese philosopher Lin Yutang, (a man who was a product of both ancient Chinese wisdom and a Western education) kids in China used to want to be old and considered it the greatest time of life. I guess maybe because old people were respected so much there. When I came across that part in his book “The Importance of Living” I was stunned just because the attitude is so different than what we have now.

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