2 thoughts on “What Do Young Men Want? (Podcast)

  1. Thanks for the post, I hope some young men hear this podcast and take some action. It’s much more of an uphill fight for them now. They need much encouragement and not the continuing feminization. In part of your podcast I thought you were describing the Iliad, some things never change.

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  2. Enjoyed this one very much. At the beginning of the podcast you mentioned how they were in no particular order. While I don’t have a hierarchy of importance for mission, sense of belonging, conquest, and glory, I do have an ideal trajectory (at least coming from a young man just shy of 30). Being a part of a tribe/group or going alone on an endeavor is the first step and once those parameters are established, mission and conquest follow. Lastly, you receive glory/acknowledgement from those affected by your efforts.

    In a group, there is nothing like the recognition of victory combined with individual glory from your specific role in the unit. The best dose of this I ever felt was from team sports and I haven’t matched it in my adult years (work has come close at times but falls short). I have succeeded in individual journeys and goals but I can’t say a 100% glorious feeling awaited me at the finish line. More like satisfaction or pride, but not glory. That is where I struggle today as do many of my contemporaries. Without many institutions and mentors of prominence advocating tirelessly to make these cravings obtainable for young men, I cannot help but feel that my efforts are at times being squandered on surrogate activities. I have no doubt that working on projects is better than withdrawing from the world but I often feel like something is missing. Based on this podcast it is that longing for glory that is not being realized.

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