The Lack Of Thankfulness (Podcast)

There are many people who manifest a lack of thankfulness in their daily lives.  This comes across not only in how they treat others, but in how they treat themselves.  Lack of gratitude comes down to a failure of will: a failure to appreciate the real potential that lies within, and a failure to understand how short life can be.  Stop looking for free handouts, and start being someone who offers value.



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3 thoughts on “The Lack Of Thankfulness (Podcast)

  1. The last two podcasts have been A+ and tie together nicely.

    Much of life is a long game. Professional (business/career) , Financial (save, invest, compound interest), Fitness (maintaining good habits, discipline).

    Seems like it’s often best to take the long view, particularly when we bite off more than we can chew, so not to dwell too much on setbacks.

    Dig in for the long haul instead of chasing the elusive magic bullet.

    Stay well, Q!

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  2. We’ve forgotten to indulge the absolute simplicity of gratitude, as soyciety becomes more narcissistic, people are more about what you can do for them.
    They never appreciate their current standing or situation. This leads to resentment.
    Is podcast with much conviction.
    Truely appreciated.


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