Exploring Small Twitter Accounts (Podcast)

I’ve been exploring small Twitter accounts lately. And when I say “small,” I generally mean accounts that have less than 50 followers. You’d be surprised how much gold can be found hidden away in these accounts: they tend to be raw, honest, and unconcerned with saying the “right” thing. In this podcast, I discuss how I started doing this, what I’ve learned, and how I go about it.



This podcast can be heard on iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, and Soundcloud.


Learn about character, fate, bravery, and moral corruption in Sallust:

2 thoughts on “Exploring Small Twitter Accounts (Podcast)

  1. You need to read some quotes from these small accounts….right after you go through some of G-Manifesto tweets. Just kidding. Save those for a Friday afternoon with some whiskey.

    On a more serious note, I keep reading your articles just to maintain my sanity in this world. Just spending 30 minutes on news websites, even if it’s not a completely bias media, I still feel like shit afterwards. So coming here and get some knowledge from someone who doesn’t run around like a headless chicken (I have seen one in real life and it was more mentally stable than my country’s health minister) is soothing to my soul.

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