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Quintus Curtius is the pen name of writer and translator George Thomas.  He has published original, annotated translations of Cicero’s On Duties, On Moral Ends, and Stoic Paradoxes, as well as Cornelius Nepos’s Lives of the Great Commanders and Sallust’s Conspiracy of Catiline and War of Jugurtha.  In addition to these translations, he has published three collections of essays that focus on moral, ethical, and historical topics.  He was also a major contributing writer to the Plutocratic Insurgency Reader, published by the Small Wars Institute in 2019.

He graduated from MIT in 1990 and served on active duty for a number of years as a US Marine Corps officer, with deployed service worldwide.  After leaving active duty, he enrolled in law school and began to practice law in state and federal courts after graduating in 1998.  He currently is the managing partner of a law firm focusing on bankruptcy and criminal defense.  He resides in Kansas City and travels frequently.

The following is a list of his currently published works:

Tusculan Disputations

Lives Of The Great Commanders

On Moral Ends

Sallust:  The Conspiracy Of Catiline And The War Of Jugurtha

On Duties:  A Guide To Conduct, Obligations, And Decision-Making



Stoic Paradoxes


This site was created with three purposes in mind:  to educate, to entertain, and to inspire.  These three things are our mission.  We draw from the deep wells of history, philosophy, literature, biography, and other disciplines to extract life’s timeless lessons.  We are not alone here; many others walk with us.  A thousand statesmen, inventors, saints, scholars, artists, poets, athletes, mystics, seekers, lovers, and philosophers inhabit this space, and imbue us with their collective wisdom.

This is our shared space, this Fortress of the Mind.  We are nourished and guided by their celestial lights.  Let us explore together, and see what we may discover about ourselves and our world.  To our readers, we will here repeat these lines of Lucan (Pharsalia VII.277 and IX.392):

Ite per ignavas gentes famosaque regna

Et primo ferri motu prosternite mundum…

At qui sponsore salutis

Miles eget capiturque animae dulcedine, vadat

Ad dominum meliore via.

And this means:

Make your way through the unworthy peoples and the renowned nations,

And strike the world down with the first stroke of your blade…

But if any fighter needs an assurance of safety and is beholden to the easy life,

Let him take an easier path with a different instructor.

Questions for Quintus can be directed to:  qcurtius@gmail.com.  

20 thoughts on “ABOUT

      • Hmmm, thanks for the reply. I know not about such things regarding cost, high enough demand, etc. I’d think Roosh would help. Plus, an RoK article or two focusing on the book – Now in AUDIO! Listen while at the gym. Quintus’s book will inspire you. Etc. Maybe Roosh should look into publishing someday? Red Pill, “neo-masculine” man-o-sphere lit for Western men today… All I 100% know is I love audiobooks.

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  1. Excellent stuff. Just found your site. Interesting that you bring a lot of philosophy into the discourse. It’s what’s missing in most places in contemporary society. I read Josef Pieper’s ‘Leisure, the Basis of Culture’ recently and in it he lamented the decline of philosophy over many years. I believe he’s right about that. The book was published in 1947 and I believe the decline continues to this day.

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  2. I have read three of your five published books! I feel they have all really added something to my life.

    I am interested in knowing what languages you speak? I can speak French, Mandarin and English very well; and a little Welsh.

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    • Thanks much, Thomas. For me it’s Portuguese, Latin, and Arabic, although lately my Arabic is very rusty. I’ve had to focus on the two others more and more. But enough is in long-term memory to “reactivate” myself when the time comes.


  3. Enjoyed finding your site. Read your article on the Field of Blackbirds. Amazing how much history is involved in the Balkans and how many times the Serbs fought against oppression. I read the book, “The Forgotten 500” and appreciated how much the Serbs sacrificed to save our fliers in WWII. An interesting study would be to evaluate allowing England to influence the outcome in the area following both WWI and WWII.

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  4. Quintus,

    I really enjoy your podcasts and the book “On Duties”. I try to read the highlighted portions regularly for inspiration. I listen to your wise podcasts on long business road trips. Keep putting out quality information.

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