Seeking One’s Fortune, And Meeting George Washington


François-René de Chateaubriand (1768-1848) was a French writer, diplomat and historian famous for his posthumous autobiography Memoirs from Beyond the Tomb.  The book is appealing for its admixture of blunt honesty and romantic reflection that capture the spirit of the times in a way that enables the reader to feel he is a participant himself.

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Some Requirements For Political Stability


In recent weeks I have had a chance to visit for a short time a few of the republics in Central America:  Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia (South America, but close enough), Guatemala, and Mexico.  I have been trying to upload a podcast I recorded on the subject, but internet connections are so slow that I will have to wait a bit more on that; the upload times are just too long.  I’ve been posting photos on my Instagram account for those who are interested in seeing them. Continue reading

Through The Panama Canal


I am on a ship that will transit through the Panama Canal tomorrow.  For me this is a big moment:  to be able to see one of the great engineering marvels of the world; to experience the incarnate will of one of my idols, President Theodore Roosevelt; and finally, to see the natural tropical beauty of the Canal Zone.  All these things are on my mind as I write these words.

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Essential Clam Chowder


There are two foundational chowder recipes to be familiar with:  fish chowder and clam chowder.  We have already dealt with fish chowder in an earlier article, and will now talk about its sibling relation.  The clam chowder I know best is the classic New England clam (or quahog) chowder; this recipe was adapted from one found in Jasper White’s 50 Chowders, a book I highly recommend for the serious enthusiast.

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On Chowder


I grew up in southeastern Massachusetts.  I’ve heard now that they have some hifalutin name for the area; they call it the “south coast.”  Christ.  What a lot of marketing nonsense.  In the early 1980s nobody used “south coast” for anything.  Anyone trying to would probably gotten smacked on principle alone.  But that’s where I’m from, anyway.

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My Recent Interview With James Maverick After His Travels In India And Southeast Asia


It has been a while, but I finally had a chance to catch up with James Maverick, the proprietor of the site Maverick Traveler.  I’ve done interviews with him before here at Return Of Kings, and always found him to be congenial subject.  There are a lot of travel and lifestyle sites out there, but James is one of the few who truly has practiced what he preaches.

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