19 thoughts on “CONTACT & SOCIAL MEDIA

  1. Appreciate your writings.

    Keep on keeping on man.

    An idea to consider: emotions are fun, makes life brighter. As long as you have a i
    kill switch to not overdo them. Explore this area, as we get older we get emotionally stiffer.

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  2. Quintus I am honoured to have come across you on twitter and a recent podcast. I have been a stoic follower for over a decade , and your works ( which have just purchased) have stoked the fires of men all across the globe.
    We are from Australia and salute your journey and vision.

    Amor fati

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  3. Hi Quintus,

    I’ve reached out before, but I felt obligated to do so again…thank you. The majority of my useful (but, limited) knowledge can be attributed to you in some way. I’ve followed a few bloggers over the years (Victor Pride, D&P, James Altucher, etc.), but out of all of them, your work has resonated the most with me.

    I’ve purchased all of your books, and look forward to your future work.

    Best regards,


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  4. Quintus: As I have read and profited by your books in the past, I have recently purchased your translation of Sallust. If you would, please recommend an edition in Latin, with grammatical notes, so that I may compare your translation with the original, and perhaps attempt my own. (I am working on De Amicitia now) Please keep up the excellent work. Edmunds


    • Thanks for your support Edmunds. Much appreciated. In terms of acquiring the Latin text, you have several options. The ones I used are mentioned in the introduction to my book, but you can find the original text on Amazon by doing a keyword search. Beware of spending too much for some of these Oxford or Cambridge texts that are (in my view) immensely overpriced.


  5. Am one of your hardcore fan and i read through all your article….What can you advise me as i want to regain my life back and achieve something in life as a man.thanks and God bless.


  6. Q,

    I’ve meandered through your twitter, blog, podcast throughout the past 5 years. Undoubtedly it has influenced my life. Thanks for inspiring me in various ways to transcend modern malaise.


  7. First, on this Veteran’s Day I thank you for your service.

    I have just completed reading your translation of On Duties. I first read On Duties as a new armor officer, and as a captain and judge advocate assigned it as required reading for the three trial counsel assigned to the military justice team. Now, 22 years later as a COO of a tech company I have decided to make it required reading for my direct reports.

    I have spent the last several months reviewing various translations and fortunately found yours in the process. You have done an excellent job in your approach as I believe it will be well received by the modern reader but it has not lost its structure and the power that comes from Cicero’s carefully developed approach.

    Thank you for this great work.

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    • Dear Jeff: I really appreciate your note, Jeff. Thank you so much for reading my “On Duties,” and I’m truly happy to know that it was able to help you interpret the text in a new way. Please feel free to let me know if I can be of further assistance to you or any of your people.

      George Thomas (Quintus Curtius)


  8. Oohrah! It was amazing, the longer I followed you the more I realized we had in common. I went to MIT after nine years in the Marines.

    I have just downloaded your translation of Cicero’s On Moral Ends.

    Thank you for all that you do, and I hope our paths cross in the future. Semper Fidelis.

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