The Massurrealism Of James Seehafer

I had the good fortune recently to speak with James Seehafer, the founder of the artistic school known as massurrealism.  A fellow New Englander, Seehafer studied at Parsons School Of Design.  He then began exhibiting his paintings in the northeast, including Boston and New York City (specifically in the Lower East Side).  His work was … Continue reading The Massurrealism Of James Seehafer

The Greatness Of The Italian Futurists

Sometimes we have to smash the old models.  We have to throw the old idols down the steep steps of the Pyramid of the Plumed Serpent, and watch them tumble crashingly to the ground. To strike out in bold new directions.  To throw the old, stodgy, musty playbook out the window, and leap into the … Continue reading The Greatness Of The Italian Futurists