How I Dealt With Heat Exhaustion

If you’re going to be exercising during the daytime sun this summer, be mindful of staying hydrated.  It’s important.  Like, very important.  Learn from my experience.

I’ll share a story with you about that, if you want to hear it.

I was going through The Basic School (TBS) in 1990 in Quantico, Virginia.  It’s the Marine Corps’s six month school for newly commissioned officers.  You have to learn a lot of infantry tactics and skills, regardless of what your ultimate specialty will be.  One of those skills is land navigation (or land nav, as we called it).

On Marine bases all over the world, they have this color-coded flag system to (supposedly) show the danger of exercising in the heat.  A yellow flag meant to use caution.  A red flag meant to use a lot of caution.  And a black flag meant to watch out for your fucking ass.

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