Business As Usual, And Missed Opportunities: The Trump Record So Far

Entering office amid a whirlwind of promises of real change, Donald Trump’s actions thus far have fallen far short of the lavish promises that were used to seduce parts of the electorate.  We’ve seen this movie many times before:  presidents Clinton and Obama both promised everything yet delivered very little when it came to improving the lives of the average citizen at the end of the day.  The wealthy elites and the special interests never had it so good, of course.  An so far, it looks like it will be the same story with the Trump administration.

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In The Crosshairs Of The Elites: Do What They Say, Or Else


Make no mistake: the US elites (of both political parties) are deeply afraid. And they ought to be.  For the first time in decades, they feel they are sitting atop a powder keg. The economy is in ruins, despite the delusional propaganda emanating out of Washington. Students are crushed with debt and enraged. Working people of all classes, races, and backgrounds sense (correctly) that they are working more and more for less and less.

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