Business As Usual, And Missed Opportunities: The Trump Record So Far

Entering office amid a whirlwind of promises of real change, Donald Trump’s actions thus far have fallen far short of the lavish promises that were used to seduce parts of the electorate.  We’ve seen this movie many times before:  presidents Clinton and Obama both promised everything yet delivered very little when it came to improving the lives of the average citizen at the end of the day.  The wealthy elites and the special interests never had it so good, of course.  An so far, it looks like it will be the same story with the Trump administration.

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When Your Back Is Against The Wall, Fight Back Any Way You Can


The carnage in Syria that has been going on for several years now is not the first time that the country has faced attacks on its independence by foreign powers.  In the 1980s, the nation faced similar existential challenges.  And in many cases, Syria’s enemies then were the same ones who now conspire to turn it into a tool for regional interests.

In the early 1980s, things looked very, very grim for Syrian president Hafez al-Asad.

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