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First published in 2014, Thirty-Seven defied conventional categorization and quickly achieved classic status.  This seminal work—both supremely relevant to the modern era yet fervently evocative of the glories of ages past—contained the elements of a worldview that would be expanded and elaborated in the author’s later works Pantheon, Pathways, and in other writings.

It is available in paperback and Kindle versions.  It is also available on Amazon as a professionally-read audiobook.  All versions can be found by clicking on the book cover image above.

Expertly blending history, biography, philosophy, and the author’s personal experience, this penetrating collection of essays achieves what one reviewer called “a perfect fluency in [a] dialogue with truth.”

The unifying theme of the book is the nature of masculine identity, and how that identity has been manifested.  The range of topics explored is diverse: the nature of human wisdom, courage in adversity, redemption through suffering, the endurance of hardships, educational development, character in history, the mystical experience, the fickleness of Fate, and the necessity of myths.

Drawing on examples from history and using sources in their original languages, the book’s soaring vision combines lucid explanation with a passionate intensity equaled by few other works. Erudite, thoughtful, and frequently moving, this unique book has been described as “inexplicably inspiring.”

I have tried to give special consideration to the moral problems that result from these experiences.  

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