7 thoughts on “CONTACT & SOCIAL MEDIA

  1. Appreciate your writings.

    Keep on keeping on man.

    An idea to consider: emotions are fun, makes life brighter. As long as you have a i
    kill switch to not overdo them. Explore this area, as we get older we get emotionally stiffer.

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  2. Quintus I am honoured to have come across you on twitter and a recent podcast. I have been a stoic follower for over a decade , and your works ( which have just purchased) have stoked the fires of men all across the globe.
    We are from Australia and salute your journey and vision.

    Amor fati

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  3. Hi Quintus,

    I’ve reached out before, but I felt obligated to do so again…thank you. The majority of my useful (but, limited) knowledge can be attributed to you in some way. I’ve followed a few bloggers over the years (Victor Pride, D&P, James Altucher, etc.), but out of all of them, your work has resonated the most with me.

    I’ve purchased all of your books, and look forward to your future work.

    Best regards,


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