Some Battles Are Worth Fighting, And Others Are Not

Historical opinion is often divided on the subject of famous military commanders.  The good favor of historians may be divided with regard to their abilities, their judgments, and their battlefield results; and this favor can shift with time as readily as sand drifts aggregate and dissipate in the desert.  Douglas MacArthur is one example.  Some see him as a brilliant strategist and tactician, using sophisticated combinations to outflank and out-maneuver his opponents; others see only a vain egoist whose achievements were obscured by his personal flaws.

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David Mamet’s Film “Redbelt” (2008) (Podcast)

In this podcast we discuss David Mamet’s 2008 film Redbelt.  This is a great movie, and a worthy addition to his long line of films that explore the moral and ethical problems that men face as they try to reconcile their personal creeds with the world’s corrupting influences.  How we resolve this struggle will define what kind of man we are.  Mamet instinctively understands the necessity of masculine virtus in a world characterized by shifting loyalties, fair-weather friends, and moral corruption; this makes him, in a sense, the most “virtuous” filmmaker today.

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Josephine Livingstone Corrects Her Characterization Of Me By Amending Her Article In The “New Republic”

Shortly after I published my post this morning on Dr. Josephine Livingstone’s false characterization of me as an alt rightist, I was contacted personally by Dr. Livingstone.  This showed real character on her part, and very much appreciated.

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Josephine Livingstone Of The New Republic Falsely Calls Me An “Alt Right Personality”

It is an unfortunate fact of life that when one achieves a certain level of accomplishment and notoriety, he will inevitably attract the attention of guttersnipes, frauds, and incompetents.  People who have no achievements to their name, or who are incapable of producing decent work in their fields, are offended by the sight of those who create and do useful work.  The man of achievement is an object of hatred for the guttersnipe or the incompetent.  Such people take refuge in hiding behind baseless accusations and name-calling.  And when they can find no labels or smears to attach to you, they simply invent them.  As Ibn Munir said on this subject:

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A Few Traditional Irish Recipes

I recently picked up an interesting cookbook at a used book sale:  George L. Thomson’s Traditional Irish Recipes.  Thomson apparently traveled all over the country to select the most traditional representations of the nation’s cuisine.  Hearty and relatively straightforward in preparation, many of these recipes make great additions to your kitchen arsenal.  I’ve decided to present a few of them here.  The average person may find it difficult to obtain traditional Irish ingredients like eel, cockles, nettle tops, and carragheen moss, so I’ve made an effort to pick recipes that are likely to be more practical.  I’ve prepared each of these dishes and can tell you that they are very good.

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How To Make Beef Jerky

I was watching a documentary on Netflix the other day about how our species (homo sapiens) spread out over the globe.  One point made by the narrators was that the human brain was able to grow larger by the availability of high-energy (i.e., high-calorie) foods.  Meat, fats, and bone marrow was an essential part of man’s intellectual development.  I believe it still is.  If you want your body and mind to be operating at peak performance, I believe you should be consuming meat at least occasionally.

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When Education Does Not Mean Knowledge: The Case Of Mark Zuckerberg’s Sister


There are times when a sleeping lion must reluctantly rouse himself from repose and swat a yapping dog.  Such ankle-biters need to learn that it is one thing to throw around malicious accusations, and quite another thing to be faced with a response.  In matters such as these, I am not concerned with power or influence–unlike you, Ms. Zuckerberg–but only with my good name, and the meaning and purpose of my work.

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