Some Observations On Classic Greek Art, And Its Lessons For Today

I have spent the past two days in Athens seeking out some of the monuments of classic Greek art.  I have tried to see as many works of art and architecture as was reasonably possible, and thought I would here provide the impressions gained from these observations.

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Making Jerky From Turkey Meat

I thought I’d post a short weekend culinary tip here.  Recently I wrote about making jerked meat.  Never having tried to make jerky from turkey before, I finally did it this past week.  I was at first skeptical that the results would be encouraging, but it all worked out well.  Here are the steps and the results.  The final result was delicious and practical:  you can take the meat with you on trips, for lunches, or whatever.

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Why You Should Have A Slow-Cooker

If you’re single and living alone, it’s important to know how to cook nutritious meals for yourself on a consistent basis.  Like practically everything else in today’s world, you need to learn this skill yourself: no one is going to spoon-feed you.  What I want to talk about today is an efficient cooking strategy that can optimize the time, cost, and nutritive value of your home cooking.  What I’m talking about here is the crock-pot (or slow-cooker).  Using a slow-cooker will save you a huge amount of time and money.

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The Underreported Epidemic Of Firefighter Suicide

Every now and then you come across a story that cries out for more recognition.  I recently had that feeling when I began to read more about the epidemic of firefighter suicides, which is part of the larger problem of untreated firefighter PTSD and depression nationwide.  Like many traditionally masculine professions, firefighters and their health problems do not get the same level of attention from the media that is devoted to female, child, and reproductive health issues.

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Opposites Are The Cures Of Opposites


Readers may be familiar with the Seinfeld television show episode where the George Costanza character resolves to do the opposite of everything he normally does.  The idea actually has a legitimate pedigree, at least with regard to ancient medical science.

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Three Great Ways To Cook With Bones


I love meat, and I love bones.  And we should try to pair these two things together whenever we can.  Professional chefs will tell you that the things always taste better with the bones left in.  But due to the increasingly sanitized society we live in, we’re losing touch with the beauty and taste of bones.  I wanted to write this article in praise of bones, in the hope that you consider making them a part of your culinary rotation.

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Vitruvius Discusses Water Prospecting


The Roman engineer and architect Marcus Vitruvius Pollio (c. 75 B.C.–c. 15 A.D.) wrote an extensive and invaluable work (De Architectura) that describes all types of topics in construction and building.  We will here describe his interesting (and somewhat amusing) method of locating water springs.  This information can be found in book VIII, ch. 1 of his treatise.

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