The Greatest Horror Films Ever Made

Why horror?  What is it about this genre that exerts such a hold on our imagination?  What psychological need is served by the human desire to be frightened or unnerved?  Perhaps some residue of our prehistoric consciousness, in which our hominid ancestors were stalked by ancient predators on the African savannahs, demands to be recognized as an evolutionary survival sense; or perhaps the perception of fear awakens certain synapses in the brain, igniting the spark of creative impulses that demand some form of outward expression.  I do not know.

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Our Favorite Movies Of All Time

Someone recently asked if I could provide a reliable “core” list of movies. Sometimes two heads are better than one. So I spoke with my friend William Wolfe (who can be found at the Twitter account Zero Soy Pics), to see if he could give me a list of his own favorite films. I told Bill that I’d post both of our lists on my website.

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The Top 13 War Films

Someone on Twitter recently asked me to make a list of the top war films.  The titles below are the result.  I present them in no strict order, although I do believe the first five are superior to the remainder.  There are a great number of war films, but my goal was to select the few that occupy a special category.  Each reader, of course, may form his own judgments.

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Movie Roundup (10/14/2018)

Venom (2018)

Director:  Ruben Fleischer

One of the things that makes Venom so refreshing is its old-school feel.  The characters are not preachy, obnoxious, or offensive, and you never get the sense that the director is trying to push any kind of agenda on you.  It’s just a good fable, engagingly told.  This is an unadulterated throw-back to the great pulp comic book films of the old days (and I mean very old days), in which an Average Joe gets randomly chosen to be the bearer of special gifts.  I went into this movie not knowing anything at all about it; sometimes I just like to wander into a theater and see what happens.

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Michael Crichton Sobre As Virtudes Masculinas De Sean Connery

[The article I published yesterday on Sean Connery was translated into Portuguese by Mr. Daniel Castro].

Tradução por Daniel Castro.

Em suas memórias de 1988 Travels, o autor Michael Crichton lembra-se da época que ele passou com o ator Sean Connery durante as filmagens de The Great Train Robbery na Irlanda em 1978. Crichton, o famoso autor de Jurassic Park, Sphere, Congo, Disclosure, e algumas outras histórias populares, também era um diretor de filmes. Connery era a estrela de The Great Train Robbery, e Crichton claramente estava impressionado com o escocês vulcânico.  As anedotas que ele relaciona ao carisma masculino de Connery deixam claro que os homens hoje em dia podem aprender muito com ele.

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