Some Advice To A Recruit (Podcast)

I recently received an email from a man who is about to ship off to USMC boot camp. He wanted to know if I had any pieces of advice for him before he goes. This is a subject I could talk about for hours, so I had to force myself to boil things down to the absolute essentials.  I offer ten points that I found to be useful from my own experience.  You’ll do fine.  You will rise to the occasion, and will be surprised at the progress you have made by the final week.

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“I’m Losing My Focus And My Ambition” (Podcast)

A reader is worried about his persistent feelings of lethargy and aimlessness. He’s in a rut in his life, and his routine is becoming more and more oppressive. He’s not sure what the problem is, and wants to know the best way to deal with the situation.

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“Don’t Thank Me, Boy” (Podcast)

A reader has a question about the direction he should take in life. His father died recently, and he is feeling the effects of delayed shock and repressed anger. He feels like he has been denied a positive role model.

I offer some thoughts and suggestions, using an anecdote and then some commentary.

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The Porfirio Effect (Podcast)

Coconut debris, machetes, game meats, natural oils, custom suits, and the whole 9 yards. This authorized podcast goes into more details about the themes talked about in my last podcast, “The Surrealistic World of Michael Porfirio.” We delve deeper to extract the timeless lessons for the modern man, and explain the nuances.

The rest is up to you.

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The Surrealistic World Of Michael Porfirio (Podcast)

This podcast is a change of pace. I talk about one of my favorite Twitter accounts, the account of @MichaelPorfirio, and I discuss why I think it actually has, in its own distinctive surrealistic way, legitimate artistic merit.
Sometimes we need to be thrown curve balls here and there, to keep us all on our toes.

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The Imperative Of Discovery: Charles Sturt’s Australian Explorations (Podcast)

After saying a few words about the great explorers and travelers of the past, and explaining why a study of their exploits is more important for us than ever before, I give a podcast reading of my most recent article, Charles Sturt: A Pioneer Of Australian Exploration.

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