Why Did The Reds Defeat The Whites In The Russian Civil War of 1917-1922? (Podcast)


The former Russian Empire was torn apart by chaos and civil war from 1917 to 1922.  On one side were the Bolshevists, seeking to impose a revolutionary communist society on the people; and on the other were the so-called “White” Russians, a collection of nationalists and traditionalists trying to dislodge the Red regime.  Why did the Reds win and the Whites lose?  Why were the Reds able to remain in power?  We explore some answers.

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Rolling The “Iron Dice”: Outbreak Of The First World War (Podcast)

Bismark had an expression for taking great and fateful decisions:  he called such actions “rolling the iron dice.”  Stephen Kotkin’s masterful biography of Joseph Stalin (click on the image above) contains a keen discussion on the outbreak of the First World War.  I discuss some of the relevant points made; from there we draw general conclusions that apply to contemporary events.

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Some Writers Just Speak To You (Podcast)


A reader writes to ask whether I like Cicero more than certain other authors.  This leads to a general discussion about what draws us, almost unconsciously, to prefer some writers over others.  Why do some writers resonate with us?  The reasons may surprise you.

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We Don’t Know The Struggles That Other People Have (Podcast)


A recent experience reminded me that we often don’t appreciate the struggles that others have gone through, or the burdens that they may be carrying.  Perspective is one of the first lessons of philosophy, and we should make an effort to get outside our own skin and see things from the perspectives of others.  Being too quick to judge others is a fault that many of us must work to overcome.

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