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Embrace The Scarcity Mentality

“You Never Got Me Down, Ray”

The Wisdom Of Moderation, And The Dangers Of Extremism

My Own Ten Commandments

The Foundations Of Motivation

Any City Can Be Taken

I Won’t Go Back To Nature

You Will Never Reach The End-Zone

How A Rogue Can Take Over A Village

The Need For A Fighting Ideology

Many Go To The Marketplace, But Few Seek The Crown At Olympia

Beware The Waters Of Salmacis

Success Can Be Fatal

The Engrossed

The Conquest Of Anxiety And Fear

When Education Does Not Mean Knowledge:  The Case Of Mark Zuckerberg’s Sister

The Fortress Of The Mind

Seeking Peace Of Mind:  A Letter

Your Defiance Is Your Abundance

Six Ethical Principles To Rejuvenate Societal Health

“Do What I Say, Not What I Do”

Beauty Seeks Beauty, And Ugly Seeks Ugly

Arousing The Fighting Spirit In Your Men

Quintilian’s Guidelines For Reading

Whether It Is Better To Criticize Or To Remain Silent

The World’s Fury, And The Spirit’s Repose

The Shortness Of Life, And The Second Death

A Tale Of Grapes And Greed

The Ointment Of Abu Ayyub

Delusion Is The Enemy Of Precision

The World Will Provide

Repairing Strained Or Broken Relationships

7 Observations On Getting Older

5 Essential Elements Of Creativity

When Your Back Is Against The Wall, Fight Back Any Way You Can

The Bold Epicureanism of Lucretius

The Wisdom Of Mercy From Ibn Hazm Al-Zahiri

“It Can’t Be Done”

Giving And Receiving

The Hedonistic Philosophy Of Yang Zhu


Candido Rondon:  Brazil’s Greatest Explorer

Visionary Poems Of William Blake

Michael Collins:  Irish Prophet Of Urban Guerrilla Warfare

Paul Von Lettow-Vorbeck:  Greatest German Commander Of The Great War

Sebastiao Salgado:  Brasil’s Greatest Photographer

The Genius Of Joseph-Louis Lagrange

Samuel Griffith:  Warrior And Scholar

Archimedes, The Sand-Reckoner

An Epitaph For Fidel Castro:  The Failure Of Self-Mastery


Ancient Treatment For Depression And Melancholia

Six Men’s Health Topics You Should Know Something About

Adding Much-Needed Variety To Your Fitness Routine

Celsus’s General Directives For Good Health

Cato’s Advice On Purchasing A Farm


Justinian’s Codification Of The Law

Civil War In Algeria:  The Black Decade, 1991-1999

Last Man Standing:  How Bashar Al-Assad Won The War In Syria

The Fall Of Aleppo:  A Campaign Summary

On Making Setbacks Appear To Be Advances

Take The Initiative And Do The Unexpected

The Chilling Origins Of The “Sardonic Laugh”

Stay In The Fight Long Enough, And Your Luck Will Change

Unusual Battle Injuries In Ancient Combat

The Inquisition And Contemporary Political Correctness:  The Pedagogy Of Fear

The Ethic Of Prison Camp Survival

Portugal:  Making The First Modern Commercial Empire

Civil And Military Organization Of The Later Roman Empire

The Rise And Fall Of Empires:  Ibn Khaldun’s Theory Of History

The Apple Of Empress Eudocia

Brazil’s Rubber Soldiers:  A Tale Of Courage And Woe

An Unexpected Consequence Of The Crusades


The Importance Of Linguistic Nationalism

7 Reasons Why You’re Not Reaching Your Foreign Language Learning Goals

The Positive And Negative Power Of Humiliation

Philology Is A Weapon


How To Read A Book

The Need For Adventure

The Dark Themes Of Film Noir

A Video Review Of My Translation Of “On Duties”

Why Every Man Should Read “Robinson Crusoe”


The Three Types Of Travel Writing

Titans Of Arabian Exploration

Through The Panama Canal