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Do Not Seek Immediate Utility In Everything

The Unrelenting Fires Of Heraclitus

No Example, No Trust

The Best Reliance Is Self-Reliance

Ancient Greek Athleticism And The Idea Of Virtue

The Object Of One’s Desire Is The Means Of One’s Capture

The Moral Corruption Of The Elites

On Whether Alexander Could Have Conquered Rome

On The Gratitude Of Animals

On Why The Best Philosophers Are Men Of Action

Everything Is Fine, Until It is Not

Here Be Thy Grave

Empty Words, Empty Gestures, Empty Actions

Alive Today, Dead Tomorrow, Then Alive Again

Seven Pillars Of A Noble Youth

Only The Brave Will Find Redemption

The Gravitation Of Noble Souls

Of Cowardice And Magnanimity

Sustained Effort Is Needed For Grand Designs

Never Surrender What Is Most Important

Sentinels Of The River Of Life

The Counsel Of Helios To A Noble Youth

The Six Most Important Leadership Principles (Podcast)

The Armor Of Virtue

The Apple

On The Death Of Seneca

The Power Of Physical Gestures

The Monkey Atop The Ship’s Mast, And How To Deal With Him

The Architect Of The Imagination

What Are We, After All?

In Trying To Avoid One Harm, You May Cause A Worse One

Petrarch Counsels A Ruler On The Ends Of Power

The Man Of Action Should Not Expect Gratitude From Others

On The Acceptance Of Disappointments

The Tomb Of The Scipios

The Hand Of Ibn Muqla:  Do Not Envy Those Who Wield Power

The Liberation Of The Mind

The Merciful Filtration Of Memory

Greed Is Always Their Undoing

Rejecting Cynicism And Nihilism, And Embracing An Ennobling Vision

When Embarked On A Great Enterprise, Do Not Look Back

Whether A Man Can Change, And How He May Change

The Pursuit Of Work, And The Quest For Ideals

“You Never Got Me Down, Ray”

The Wisdom Of Moderation, And The Dangers Of Extremism

Taming The Soul’s Turbulence

The Right Man In The Right Place Can Make All The Difference

My Own Ten Commandments

Xenophon’s Dream, And The Power Of Character

The Wrath Of Least Persistence

The Eight Qualities Of The Man Of Understanding

Why We Must Seek The Divine Within Us

A Letter To A Graduate Student

Why We Study Great Exemplars Of History

The Foundations Of Motivation

Adrastia:  The Goddess Who Punishes Hubris And Arrogance

Why Worrying Is Pointless

Why We Should Not Rely On First Impressions

The Combat Of Sonnenberg And Sanseverino

Ibn Zafar’s Principles Of Power And Leadership Success

The Need For A Fighting Ideology

The Cultivation Of A Sense Of Humor

Many Go To The Marketplace, But Few Seek The Crown At Olympia

Bad Character Will Inevitably Bring Consequences

Decisive Action In An Emergency Can Always Be Justified

The Engrossed

The Conquest Of Anxiety And Fear

The Wisdom Of Ibn Tumart:  Until You Can Change Things, You Must Endure Them

The Fortress Of The Mind

Seeking Peace Of Mind:  A Letter

Your Defiance Is Your Abundance

Six Ethical Principles To Rejuvenate Societal Health

“Do What I Say, Not What I Do”

On The Remaking Of Character 

Beauty Seeks Beauty, And Ugly Seeks Ugly

Whether It Is Better To Criticize Or To Remain Silent

The World’s Fury, And The Spirit’s Repose

7 Observations On Getting Older

Ibn Qalaqis On The Importance Of Travel

The Wisdom Of Mercy From Ibn Hazm Al-Zahiri

Treachery Ensnares Some, But Is Defeated By Others


Apelles, The Greatest Painter Of Antiquity

Pythagoras:  An Introduction To His Life, School, And Ideas

Candido Rondon:  Brazil’s Greatest Explorer

Michael Collins:  Irish Prophet Of Urban Guerrilla Warfare

Paul Von Lettow-Vorbeck:  Greatest German Commander Of The Great War

Sebastiao Salgado:  Brasil’s Greatest Photographer

The Character Of Epaminondas

The Genius Of Joseph-Louis Lagrange

The Remarkable Memoirs Of Madame Roland

Samuel Griffith:  Warrior And Scholar

Scott Joplin:  A Musical Visionary


Ancient Roman Advice On Dog Grooming And Care

Ancient Treatment For Depression And Melancholia

Six Men’s Health Topics You Should Know Something About

Adding Much-Needed Variety To Your Fitness Routine

Celsus’s General Directives For Good Health

Cato’s Advice On Purchasing A Farm


What Did A Roman Triumph Actually Look Like?

Al-Minara:  The Pharos Lighthouse Of Alexandria

The Alexandrian Library:  Dissipation Through Neglect And Apathy

Scipio Puts Down A Mutiny In His Army

Age Of Spectacle:  Chariot Races, The Hippodrome, And The Four Factions

The Fall Of Singapore:  The Price Of Inept Leadership

Sallust:  The Conspiracy Of Catiline And The War Of Jugurtha

Justinian’s Codification Of The Law

Theodore Roosevelt Brings Big Business To Heel

The Importance Of Theodore Roosevelt’s “New Nationalism” Speech

The Chilling Origins Of The “Sardonic Laugh”

Unusual Battle Injuries In Ancient Combat

“Dark Globalization”:  The Progress Of The Plutocratic Insurgency

The Inquisition And Contemporary Political Correctness:  The Pedagogy Of Fear

Portugal:  Making The First Modern Commercial Empire

Civil And Military Organization Of The Later Roman Empire

The Rise And Fall Of Empires:  Ibn Khaldun’s Theory Of History

Brazil’s Rubber Soldiers:  A Tale Of Courage And Woe

An Unexpected Consequence Of The Crusades


The Importance Of Linguistic Nationalism

7 Reasons Why You’re Not Reaching Your Foreign Language Learning Goals

The Positive And Negative Power Of Humiliation

Philology Is A Weapon

Friedrich Schlegel, The Sanskrit Language, And The Growth Of Comparative Philology

Forensic Linguistics:  The Footprint Of Language

Wilhelm Freytag’s Latin Compendium Of Arabic Proverbs


The Genius Of The Iliad

The Dream Of Maxen:  A Celtic Myth Of “The Mabinogion”

The Dark Themes Of Film Noir

A Video Review Of My Translation Of “On Duties”

Why Every Man Should Read “Robinson Crusoe”


The Travels Of Benjamin Of Tudela

The Travels And Achievements Of Giovanni Belzoni

Antonio De Ulloa’s Explorations In South America

The Three Types Of Travel Writing

The Travels And Philosophy Of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu

The Life, Travels, And Literary Works Of Yakut Al-Hamawi

A Humanist Visits The German Baths

The Remarkable Travels Of Jonas Hanway, And What He Learned From Them

Through The Panama Canal

The Travels Of John Bell In Persia And China

The Life And Travels Of Leo Africanus

The Travels Of William Of Rubruck In Central Asia And Mongolia

Captain George Francis Lyon’s Explorations In Africa

René Caillié:  To Timbuktu And Back Alive

Heinrich Barth:  An Incredible Explorer And Ethnographer

Fray Bernardino de Sahagún: The New World’s First Ethnographer

John Ireland:  Captured By Cannibals In The South Seas

The Incredible Life And Explorations Of John Ledyard

The “Voyager” Program:  Mankind’s Most Distant And Awesome Explorations

Carl Friedrich Philip Von Martius’s Daring Explorations In Brazil

John Lewis Burckhardt’s Travels And Explorations In Nubia

John Lewis Burckhardt’s Pioneering Explorations In Arabia

Adam Olearius:  Amazing Travels And Explorations In Russia And Persia

Dixon Denham:  Pioneering British Explorer Of Central Africa

The Strange Travels Of Pietro Della Valle

Driving On The Amalfi Coast

Russian Explorer Adam Johann Von Kruzenstern Circumnavigates The Globe