Stay In The Fight Long Enough, And Your Luck Will Change

Sometimes in life, you have no choice but to fight on, and hope that tomorrow will be better. When the odds are against you (which they usually will be), those who continue to fight will always be rewarded. The outcome may different from what you anticipate, but it will usually also be better than you anticipate.

One historical example makes this point.

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The Wisdom Of Moderation, And The Danger Of Extremism


Plutarch’s lives of Phocion and Cato the Younger can be read as case studies on the contrasting features of moderation and extremism.

The successful, rational leader will know when to compromise and seek settlements; the extremist will not, and thereby brings himself and others to ruin.

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Great Leaders Usually Emerge In Crises

The current batch of presidential candidates leaves me feeling nothing. I don’t feel inspired by any of them. I don’t feel interested in any of them. All I feel is…nothing, a generalized emptiness that edges into contempt.

All of them are complete nothings, nonentities.

You may feel the same way. When it comes to politics, disappointment is now so routine that we simply take it for granted. None of the candidates has anything positive to offer. All they are offering is a continuation of the same tired old policies.

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