Horace’s Prophecy

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I came across a startling prophecy in Horace (Odes 16):

Altera iam teritur bellis civilibus aetas,

suis et ipsa Roma viribus ruit


Impia perdemus devoti sanguinis aetas,

ferisque rursus occupabitur solum.

Barbarus heu cineres insistet victor et Urbem

eques sonante verberabit ungula…

I render these lines this way:

Now another age is destroyed by civil war,

Rome itself falls by the hand of its own men…

We destroy ourselves, a profane age consecrated in blood,

The ground will once again be occupied by wild beasts.

Lo! A barbarian victor will stand on the ashes,

The hooves of a horseman resounding in the city.

Make of this what you will.  Our own age, profane in its own way, may yet pave the way for a conqueror who will tread on the cinders of our own civilization.

And the the hooves of his horse will clatter amidst the ruins.

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3 thoughts on “Horace’s Prophecy

  1. I didn’t know you’d started a blog. Cool, I’ll add this to my reading list.

    As for the post, it reminds me of ISIS’s threat to destroy “Rome”. Regardless of one’s thoughts on Muslims in general, if there’s anybody in the world who merits the title of “barbarians”, it’s those guys. Ten years ago, the idea of them actually making good on their threat would’ve been laughable.

    Now, I’m not so sure.

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    • This is a good point, Sam. Some here in the West laugh at these guys as lunatics, but I can tell you that they take themselves very seriously. They definitely mean what they say. The outcome will play out in the decades ahead.


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