The Importance Of Boldness (Podcast)


In this podcast, we discuss boldness and action.  We discuss the nature, importance, and features of boldness.

How can we cultivate boldness?

How can we employ it to best advantage?
What are some of the inhibitors of boldness?
How do we know when to be bold, and when not to?

Join me for a discussion of these critical questions.

This podcast brought to you courtesy of Fortress of the Mind Publications.  It is available on iTunes and SoundCloud.

2 thoughts on “The Importance Of Boldness (Podcast)

  1. Good podcast!
    Had the same feeling about ignoring the possible setbacks when going into an event.
    DJ’ed live radio for four years and before Every Single Show got the butterflies, but once that ‘on air’ button lit up, that studio became the only place in the world. Instead of facing death, I would face dead air. Close enough…


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