How Do I Know When It’s Time To Change My Life? (Podcast)


A reader is troubled by where he is at in his life right now.

He wants to make major life changes involving career and residence, but doesn’t know if the time is right.

I offer some suggestions.

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2 thoughts on “How Do I Know When It’s Time To Change My Life? (Podcast)

  1. I think the need for quests is also an important thing, it does great wonders in terms of character.

    I would recommend contacting other medical professionals in other countries and see if they can either visit as a guest or see if they can work in an expat hospital once qualified (potentially you will not have to sit any national exams as you will be dealing expats. Another advantage similar pay to back home if working in expat hospitals and you can potentially leverage this to have a greater standard of living depending on where you live)

    There are also summer exchanges they can utilise to see if they would like to live in a specific country they have in mind.

    I was talking about this with my own parents that if I left the country how would they feel. Surprisingly they did not seem to mind or have any worries as they felt I would be fine and would likely cope fairly well. I’ve been reconnecting with my Chinese heritage more and since 17 have been considering moving abroad to an East-Asian country, especially nowadays where I have more in common with international people vs native people.

    Right now, I’m considering taking Medicine as a second degree as I feel I enjoy diagnostic aspects more but my Pharmacy degree will still be able to supplement it nicely. So a few more years will have to be spent in Britain before I can plan to move away.


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